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Shaun Robinson: And the movie pranks continue now as we reveal who that guy in his underwear is. And what is he doing without his pants on? We're on the set of Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye as the kid from Beverly Hills 90210 turns director.

Voiceover: Actor Jason Priestley invited us to hit the beach to show us his latest project. He's directing a new TV movie. But we never expected the former 90210 resident to show us... his underwear?

Jason Priestley: I lost a bet today already.

Voiceover: Actually it was more of a dare than a bet, and it came from an actor whose known for being more mysterious than mischievous - Nick Lea, from The X-Files.

Nick: This is what we ended up with.

Jason P: That's good, isn't it?

Nick: That's underwear, ladies and gentlemen.

Voiceover: The X-Files star who exposed Jason's legs reveals how he got Priestley to go pantless.

Nick: He had me come in this morning and do a scene that I wasn't really supposed to be doing and it was kind of an emotional little moment that we didn't get yesterday, so he knew that I was gonna be a little upset.

Jason P: You know, this is sometimes how far you have to go as a director to get your feature actors to do things is occasionally you have to say, "Look, you know dude, you'd be doing me a big favor. Is there anything I can do for you?"

Nick: And I said, "You have to direct this scene with your pants down."

Jason P: You know, I committed to the project, you know. And that type of commitment is really what makes projects great in the end.

Voiceover: Sure, Jason. Nice try. Consider the boxer or brief questions answered.

Shaun Robinson: I guess that's called getting behind your work. Well, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye will air next season on Fox, and this isn't Jason's first time behind the camera. He directed 14 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.

Transcript by Mrs. Fish

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