Bad Company

[Drama, 1995]

[Jake answers the phone in BAD COMPANY]

Nick as Ellen Barkin's secretary.

Now that the Cold War is over ex-CIA operative Nelson Crowe (Fishburne) joins a clandestine organization of former agents run by Victor Grimes (Frank Langella) and Maggie Wells (Ellen Barkin). This new 'firm' specializes in blackmail, mayhem and murder. When the CIA steps back in to corral these wildcats (and I do mean wild) Maggie and Nelson forge an alliance to double and triple cross all other parties.

Nick had a small part as Ellen Barkin's secretary/receptionist, "Jake," in this movie, which was known as THE TOOL SHED while in production. (For some reason, Nick still lists it by that title in his resume. Doesn't know it was renamed before release, or doesn't want anyone to track it down? :-)

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