The "Tunguska" Collector's Card


This is the collector's card that came with the "Tunguska"/"Terma" commercial videotapes, released in the U.K. in February 1997. (PAL only, unfortunately). Very symbolic, with the rock dripping oil over Krycek's and Mulder's left arms. (At least, I think that's supposed to be Mulder at the bottom....though really, it looks more like Krycek.) And no, those aren't scan lines - the artist apparently cut and pasted different pieces of canvas together, to give it a disjointed look (very appropriate for these episodes!). I guess it's supposed to be Krycek manipulating things from behind the scenes, and behind a mask. (Katy D. thinks that the right half of the mask looks like Jimmy Somerville, the gay musician. I'm not so sure, myself - I think it's just Krycek, washed out in the light of the oilwell inferno behind him.) And someone said she thought the oil-leaking rock looks like a rat!

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