The Commish

[Comedy/Drama/Police, 60 minutes, 1991-1995]

[Ricky in the locker room!]

Ricky Caruso hears about a beefcake calendar that's looking for hunky cop models in the episode "Officer April." (This episode features a cameo appearance by supermodel Kim Alexis. And for X-Files fans, Lenno Britos - Luis Cardinal/Hispanic Man - plays an obnoxious foreign diplomat!)

THE COMMISH is rerunning again on Lifetime, weeknights at 1:30 am ET/PT. Check your local listings, or see the Lifetime schedule.

In the U.K., THE COMMISH is running on Sky One.

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Chronological episode list

Alphabetical episode list, with descriptions

Animated GIF:

From "Dead Drunk" - Detective Cyd Madison (Melinda McGraw) touches Officer Ricky Caruso (Nick Lea) as she passes him at the wake.

Video File:

From "No Greater Gift" - A mugger gets special treatment, since it's Christmas. (Nick sings!)

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