Nicholas Lea in THE X-FILES: The Complete Conspiracy

[Documentary/Special, 1999]

"I'm under the influence of the alien. He was really only trying to get back to its ship."

"Piper Maru"/"Apocrypha":

Frank Spotnitz: [In] "Piper Maru," we catch up with Krycek and find that he is selling secrets to the highest bidder.

[Shot of Mulder telling Krycek, "Why don't you take that gun and shoot yourself like you shot my father." Then shot of black-eyed Gauthier grabbing Mrs. Gauthier, then black-eyed Mrs. Gauthier.]

Rob Bowman: It's the introduction of the black oil, its ability to leap from person to person ...

Frank Spotnitz: Krycek goes into the bathroom, and there's a woman that walks into the stall next to him.

John Shiban: I always thought that was a classic moment, 'cause you laugh for an instant and then you're scared.

[Shot of Krycek looking down at Mrs. Gauthier's foot, laughing, and then getting slammed against the bathroom wall. Then shot of black-eyed Krycek coming out of the bathroom to meet Mulder. Mulder: "Feel better?" Krycek: "Like a new man."]

Nick Lea: I'm under the influence of the alien. He was really only trying to get back to its ship.

[Shot of Mulder and Scully in the office looking at a vial of the oil. Mulder: "I don't think this just ordinary diesel oil, Scully. I think it's a medium." Scully: "So you're saying that this stuff has intelligence?"]

Gillian Anderson: It's what the aliens are made of.

[Shot of the oil seeping back into the ship, and Krycek on top of the ship in the missile silo.]

William B. Davis: I have a very strange relationship with Krycek. In "Apocrypha," he brings the famous digital tape back to me.

[Shots of black-eyed Krycek at CSM's house. CSM: "I've been expecting you." Louis Cardinale aims a gun at Krycek. The digital tape is dropped on the table. CSM: "I have what you want."]

Frank Spotnitz: Here we are in season 3 of The X-Files, finally seeing what ends up being the virus, the big colonizing force in the universe.

[Shots of Mulder and Scully shining flashlights around the missile silo, Krycek on top of the ship expelling the oil.]


"And I'm the one-armed, Russian, double-double agent."

[Shots of oil derrick exploding, Mulder and Krycek observing the Russian camp.]

Frank Spotnitz: In 'Tunguska' and 'Terma', we learn that this black oil came in Russia from outer space in a asteroid that actually did crash there in 1908.

[Shot of Mulder and Krycek observing the camp. Mulder: "Looks like some kind of mining camp."]

Frank Spotnitz: The Russians are working on a vaccine to cure the black oil, and conducting these terrible experiments in a gulag there.

[Shots of Mulder being injected with the vaccine, the black oil test room, the oil dropping from the pipe onto Mulder's face, and the oil in Mulder's eyes.]

Rob Bowman: And the syndicate's using our senior citizens, our terminally ill senior citizens, in geriatric hospitals ...

[Shots of CSM and the black oil coming out of a dead patient in the geriatric hospital. Mulder tells Scully, "I think they've been poisoned."]

Frank Spotnitz: There's the equivalent of the space race going on for this vaccine.

[Shot of Mulder knocking Krycek's hat off, then telling him, "You're an invertebrate scum-sucker whose moral dipstick's about two drops short of bone dry."]

Nick Lea: Krycek has not only been working undercover with the CSM, but now he's actually been working undercover with the Russians with the CSM and the FBI.

[Shot of Mulder punching Krycek in the car at the airport.]

Mitch Pileggi: Scum-suckin' pig ...

[Shot of Skinner punching Krycek in the stomach.]

Rob Bowman: In Russia, people who don't want to be used as test subjects are willing to cut off their left arm.

Nick Lea: And I'm the one-armed, Russian, double-double agent.

[Shots of Krycek awakening, the knife in the fire, and the man with the knife approaching. Then Krycek screams as his arm is cut off.]


"We see Krycek in a completely different light."

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