CSI - "Viva Las Vegas"

[Crime/Drama, 2004]

Video clip: Nick's first scene  [12 Mb, MPG]

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NOTE: This info is from the script. There were slight changes in the actual episode.

The first episode of season five is called "Viva Las Vegas." One of the cases involves an "alien" found buried in the desert. Trekkie-type fans show up at the site - in costume. In the course of the investigation, our heroes end up at a chapel specializing in sci-fi weddings, where a couple are getting married dressed as Mulder and Scully. (The script describes the newly-married "Scully" as looking as if she's about to cry, and says it must be a first. Obviously, they never watched XF.)

As for Nick (AKA Chris Bezich)...the good news is that he's in this episode. And he's half-naked. The bad news is that it looks like it may be his last appearance on the show. No, so far as I know he's not killed off. But it looks like he's going to be out of Catherine's life.

There's a short scene where Catherine goes to his night club to see him. She knocks on his office door, but the music's so loud he doesn't hear it. So she opens the door...and finds him with his pants around his ankles. A pretty young cocktail waitress is on his desk, skirt pushed up. They hurriedly dress, and Chris finally says, "What did you expect? I run a nightclub." Catherine turns and leaves without a word.

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