Nick Lea at The Cure Is Out There

An excerpt from the report JMM posted to ATX:

Nick Lea was up next and said that he was just filming a scene with DD who was still working and couldn't be there tonight, though he wanted to be. There were a few jeers from the audience and Nick responded basically with "You don't know him, only what you get from the media." He pointed out his Dad in the audience. "His sperm brought me into this world," he said. He recalled the last time he was in the Orpheum was to see Santana play. As mentioned he said he auditioned for Steven Bochco, for NYPD Blue, and he's down to one of four. (Oh pleasepleasepleaseplease...) The Al Pacino movie didn't work out for some reason. He seemed comfortable and open on stage, admitting it when he lost his train of thought when describing Krycek's character. He was glad/proud of being in front of a home-town audience, and proud of the whole show. He really likes what he does for a living, especially XF, and seems to just get a kick out of the whole thing.

WBD came on and did his compare and contrast Mulder and CSM. Just as he started, Nick snuck back onstage to retrieve some flowers some fans had given him and WBD called him "that Ratboy" for stealing the spotlight.

Other tidbits:

  Nick confirmed he will be in THE X-FILES next season!

  He didn't get the part in that Al Pacino movie he auditioned for.

  Nick is on the short list to replace Jimmy Smits in NYPD Blue - one of only four actors still being considered.

  Why did Krycek kiss Mulder? "[Krycek's] a guy who likes kissing other guys."

  There was a moderately ribald exchange between Nick and Dean Hagland concerning the prosthetic mask Nick used in "Apocrypha" (the oilien goop scene). Nick made a comment about having never worn "latex prosthetics" before. This got Dean's attention, and he said something to the effect of "Not anywhere? Ever?" and things went down hill from there. :-)

  Though JMM reported that Nick said he saw DD because they were filming together, others claim Nick didn't say they weren't filming, he said they met for drinks, or went out for coffee. It's an X-file, I guess....

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