DreamWatch #31, April 1997

This issue contains part 2 of the X-FILES Season 4 Episode Guide. Among the episodes covered are "Tunguska" and "Terma." Some comments of interest...

On "Tunguska":

"Nicholas Lea is in fine form, but Mulder suddenly trying to act like Rambo is unbecoming." -- Kathleen Toth

"An edge-of-seat show. Mulder and Scully in full riot gear, the return of RatBoy, a shirtless Skinner: enough to make you squeal in delight." -- Autumn Tysko

"Notable for a gathering of the XF hunks, and one of them is shirtless! Despite a little mean-spirited Krycek-bashing, this is a well done threading of multiple plot points." -- Marilyn Wilkerson

On "Terma":

"Carter again goes for the bold with what happens to Krycek, who is becoming the whipping boy of THE X-FILES." -- Kathleen Toth

From an interview with William Davis:

"Davis also recalls another scene, scripted and shot, which the actor found particularly jarring but which ended up on the cutting room floor, 'thank Goodness!' 'They cut a whole scene in post-production which had me coming home on Christmas Eve to my feeble little Christmas tree with only one present under it, which I open. We did actually shoot this,' he reinterates. 'And it's the lighter that you see in the loft later, [the one] that says TRUST NO-ONE on it, and a card saying "Best Wishes from Alex Krycek." So the lighter was Krycek's Christmas present to me. Which is really stretching things, I mean, what happened to the lighter I'd used for the previous five years? And if I was moving around in circles where I was trying to impress people, would I pull out a lighter that said TRUST NO-ONE on it?'"

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