[Drama, 60 minutes]

Nicholas Lea as Jeffrey Leggett in the episode "Cutting Edge"

E.N.G. ("Electronic News Gathering") was a TV series about a news room. It ran for three years on Lifetime in the U.S. and CTV in Canada, then two more years on CTV only. Nick was in the very last episode (the 14th episode of the fifth season), which was also a pilot for a spinoff series that was never picked up. It looks as if his character would have been a regular in the new series, if there had been one. Jeffrey Leggett was a TV executive, a vice-president of a much larger station that hires one of the E.N.G. characters away from Channel 10. He was sort of obnoxious - interested mainly in the bottom line, ambitious, competitive, liked to throw his weight around - but despite this, people seemed to like him. (Just too young and puppyish to take seriously, maybe.) Could have been a very interesting character if they'd done another series.

E.N.G. is currently rerunning on Trio in the U.S.

The E.N.G. Home Page has a great episode guide and other info

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