Nick Lea at the Atlanta Expo

Saturday, March 28, 1998

Marsha Taylor filed this report on ATX:

The screaming for Nick Lea was very loud. One girl said she saw him in a bar the night before and she was so shocked she didn't even get his autograph. He had a couple of date offers. Oh, the question of "why did he kiss Mulder" was explained. He said it was a friend/watch your back type of kiss. He said they had to do it about 15 times because Chris, he and David couldn't stop laughing. He was quite interesting. Really handsome in real life. He said David is misunderstood by many and that he has a big heart, etc.

The charity auction, for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, was apparently a high point at Atlanta. They even auctioned off the chair Nick Lea was sitting in. (He signed it "I support you." And the auctioneer sniffed the chair and announced it smelled like Krycek.) It went for $500.

Click here for a photo of Nick, posing with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dervan, the couple who bought his chair. (They also bought an autographed copy of the "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" script for $1,500 and breakfast with Steven Williams for $350. They said it was all for a good cause, or they wouldn't have plunked down a cent.)

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