Nick Lea at the Boston X-Files Expo

Saturday, May 2, 1998

  Nick was very late getting to the Expo. Apparently there was a mixup with the car that was supposed to bring him. It never showed, and he had to take a cab. He referred to this later, when someone asked him how he was different from Krycek. "Well, I've never killed anyone," he offered. "Though when my car didn't show up this morning..."

  Nick said he thought Krycek worked only for himself - until a week and a half ago. The implication was that something in the finale script changed his mind. He said in "The End," we'll see Krycek with a group of people we've never seen with him before...and that he seems to be working for these people.

  Nick's final scene in Vancouver was shot on Grouse (sp?) Mountain, where the "Ascension" Skyland Mountain scenes were shot. (He didn't say they were supposed to be on Skyland Mountain this time, though.)

  Nick was asked about The Kiss again, and said it was scripted from the very beginning - written by CC. Nick first heard about it from DD. He said DD actually called him up to tell him about it. ("You're never going to guess what you're doing this time....") He said they were all laughing so hard while trying to film the scene that CC couldn't even call "Action!"

  He said that originally the kiss scene was written differently. He was supposed to hold the gun on Mulder, hand him the piece of paper with "Wiekamp Air Force Base" on it, and kiss him. It just wasn't working, because Krycek only had one arm. He couldn't get close enough to kiss Mulder, hand him the paper, and keep the gun on him. So CC was going to eliminate the kiss. But Nick said he really wanted to keep it and fought hard for it. Because "he knew we'd really like it." (!)

  Nick was asked how it was to kiss David, and he said, "Excellent" (as he's said before). Then he answered the question a bit more seriously. Said he didn't have anything to compare it to, since he doesn't go around kissing guys. Then added that there was nothing wrong with kissing guys, you understand, just that *he* didn't do it. I think his final verdict was that kissing DD was "a little rough." (Referring to beard stubble.)

  Nick also told the "package" story in a little more detail. Someone asked him about Mulder and Krycek and the Speedo scene. (He said, "You ask me about the kiss, then about the Speedo scene...just what are you implying?") Anyway, Nick said when they did that scene he couldn't help it - he tried to look at DD's face, but his gaze dropped, just for a moment. DD said, "Hey, are you looking at my package?" Then later, when Nick moved to LA, DD gave him a very nice gift as a going-away present. The card said the usual "good luck," etc., but at the bottom DD had written, "Are you looking at my package?"

  Someone also asked Nick about practical jokes and stuff on the set, and he talked about the 3rd season gag reel. The car scene. He said right in the middle of a very serious scene, DD looked at him, said, "You're a good-looking man," and shoved his head in his lap. Nick seemed to find it hilarious.

  Then someone asked if anything strange ever happened on the set, and Nick replied, "Having my head in David's crotch, that was pretty strange."

  A young woman gave Nick a bouquet of pink roses, prompting the emcee to comment that he looked like a beauty contest winner. Nick then took a "Miss America" promenade across the stage!

  In the autograph line, I asked Nick who Krycek kissed in the season finale. He said, "No one! What, do you think he's the kind of guy who goes around kissing everyone?" (Er....yes. :-)

Sunday, May 3, 1998

  Nick arrived on time today, wearing a Boston Red Sox baseball cap he'd just bought at Fenway. He talked about getting a special tour of the U.S.S. Constitution at 2:00 am the night before. Said he loved Boston - that its many parks reminded him of Vancouver.

  I think Nick recognized me and my friends, sitting in the front row again. He kept looking at us and apologizing for repeating things he'd said the day before.

  Someone asked Nick how his hangover was. "What hangover?" Nick demanded. "You look a little rough around the edges this morning," the questioner replied. Nick then put his baseball cap back on, pulling it low over his face in fake embarrassment. "Well, you come to these interesting new places, you have to enjoy yourself," he protested. And later he muttered, in the middle of another question, "I've never had anyone start off one of these things by telling me how bad I look." (But I don't think he was really offended - just kidding around.)

  The same young woman who gave him the roses on Saturday asked him about the M/K relationship, saying something about the way Krycek looked at Mulder before he kissed him. Nick suggested she might be reading too much into it.

  Someone asked if Krycek was Russian or American. Nick said Krycek is American with Russian parents. (This is, of course, subject to change without notice!)

  In the autograph line, I asked Nick if he was ever in Street Justice, since people are always asking me that. He said he wasn't. (Must be a ringer who people keep seeing in that show.) Then he thanked me for coming both days. (Blush. I didn't expect him to recognize me. Ack! He probably thinks I don't have a life...)

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