Krycek Talk at the LA Expo

Sunday, March 15, 1998

(This is from the writer's chat, with Frank Spotnitz, John Shiban, and Vince Gilligan.)

Frank Spotnitz said that the kiss between Mulder and Krycek was not scripted, that Chris Carter, Nick Lea, and David Duchovny actually improvised it the day of the shooting, when they were brainstorming ways to make the scene more interesting. [I don't know why he said this; it's not true. Nick says the kiss was in the script from the beginning, and people who have seen the script confirm that.]

Someone asked the usual question about whether Mulder was going to get a girlfriend. Spotnitz asked the audience if they wanted Mulder to have a girlfriend. Of course everyone said no. Then he asked if they wanted him to have a boyfriend, adding, "Wait, but he has one already. Krycek's Mulder's boyfriend." There was much laughter and applause. [The writers are very aware of furor The Kiss has caused among Philes, and seem very pleased and amused by it. I suspect we'll see more along those lines in the future!]

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