Expose #10, May 1997

From a review "Tunguska," selected as one of the 10 best X-FILES episodes:

"By turns exciting and skin-crawling, 'Tunguska' opens a two-parter which brings the welcome reappearance of the duplicitous Krycek and traps him and Mulder in a grim Russian gulag while Scully struggles to hold it together back home. The only disappointment is one inherent in all multi-episode stories -- the early narrative separation of Mulder and Scully -- but at the same time it illustrates well just how far our heroes' complex relationship with Skinner has developed. The sequence where Mulder is subjected to the mysterious 'black cancer' is THE X-FILES at its chilling best, but the conclusion, 'Terma,' unfortunately fails to follow through.

If you look closely, you can see Nick Lea in a photo on page 14. It's a behind-the-scenes picture from "Terma." David Duchovny is in the foreground, and way in back you can see Nick, standing on the platform with the mad doctor. They seem to be about to film the scene where Mulder runs up to Krycek and knocks him into the back of the truck.

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