Inkworks X-FILES cards

Scans of the Inkworks trading cards featuring Krycek photos.

Season 6 & 7

Alex Krycek card, front.

Alex Krycek card, back.

"S. R. 819" card, back.

Season 8

Krycek card, front.

Krycek card, back.

"Deadalive" card, front.

"Existence" card, front. (It's only a flesh wound!)


A special premium set, featuring all nine seasons of The X-Files.

Autographed Nicholas Lea card, front.

Autographed Nicholas Lea card, back.

The back has this text: Nicholas Lea's intense portrayal of Alex Krycek made the turncoat character a favorite among viewers over his eight-season run on The X-Files. Lea caught the notice of the show's producers after his guest role as Michael in the episode "Gender Bender," and successfully auditioned for the part of the double agent Alex Krycek. The multi-talented Lea also performed as the lead singer in the band, Beau Monde, and attended art school to become an illustrator. Since his pivotal role on The X-Files, he has been featured in films such as Vertical Limit and had recurring roles on shows such as NYPD Blue and CSI.

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