Nicholas Lea in Inside THE X-FILES

[Documentary/Special, 1998]


A transcript of the Nick Lea portion of this X-FILES special:

[Clip of Krycek introducing himself in "Sleepless"]

DD: Alex Krycek was hired to fill in for Scully when Gillian got pregnant. Mulder needed a new partner, and Krycek came in and seemed to be just a young, green agent, innocent enough, and then turned into some kind of double-dealing secret agent, working for the Cigarette-Smoking Man.

[clip from "Ascension," the car scene with CM]

DD: And now he's just out there on his own, double-crossed everyone, possibly killed my father.

[clip from "Anasazi," Mulderdad croaks]

CC: He has become not just another treacherous character on the series, but one of the most treacherous, a man who now works only for himself.

NL: This character is somebody that the audience loves, for lack of a better description, loves to hate.

["Paper Clip," car bomb scene]

NL: One of the things I love about playing this role is that it's very, it's a very physical role, and I love physical acting. It was a force that literally pushed me from behind, and you could feel the heat up your back, it looked great, I think, on camera

[clip from "Anasazi," Mulder beating up Krycek]

NL: Punching me, and my head had to snap in order to sell the punches.

[airport scene from "Piper Maru"]

[ [

NL: Hit me, full on with the phone on the forehead. I go down. And as I'm going down, I'm going, "Keep rolling! Keep rolling!"

[scene from "Piper Maru," Krycek gets slammed against the bathroom wall]

NL: The next day the whole side of my face is bruised. You know, whether it's hanging from 17 floors by one arm, when I'm being chased by horses in "Tunguska," it's all like play, it's so much fun to do.

[clips of the balcony scene and the Cossacks chasing Krycek from "Tunguska," jumping off the truck in "Terma"]

NL: Nine lives, I've used five.

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