[the final pitch]

Nick Lea as escaped convict Tony Edwards. He's a minor league baseball player whose life fell apart after he served in WWII.

[a pitching demonstration]

Jake and the kid help him get back on track, and he agrees to surrender to the police - after he pitches one game for the local baseball team, the Crocus Locusts.

[Nick on the mound]

Here's the official episode description:
Episode Three
"Grand Plans"
A mysterious stranger comes to Crocus and saves its losing baseball team
Once the league baseball champions, the Crocus Locusts have been on a losing streak all season, with no hope in sight of turning their luck around. Their fortunes change when a pitcher talented enough for the major leagues arrives in town, and the Locusts are back in the game. Their little miracle begins to fade, however, when rumors circulate that Mac may be an escaped convict.

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