Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years

"Lover's Leap"

Nick plays Tom Andrews, the handsome new schoolteacher in town. Series regular Mattie falls in love with him. You what that means - yup, dead boyfriend of the week.

This was a perfect role for Nick. He was adorable dressed up as a cowboy, and Tom, a man with a shadowy past who is now trying to make good, is right up his alley. One amusing tidbit: in the "bath" scene, one would expect him to be shirtless. But no, shy Nick is wearing a flesh-colored undershirt. This is one reason fans started wondering if he had weird tattoos on his stomach or something. ;-)

LONESOME DOVE is available on DVD - two boxed sets, one for each season. ("Lover's Leap" was episode 12 of season 2.) Quality isn't great by DVD standards, probably because four episodes are crammed onto each disc. But it's still a big improvement over taped-off-cable.

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