Moving Malcolm

[Comedy/Drama, 2003]

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Nick plays the role of "Herbert" this Canadian independent feature film.

Synopsis: At odds with his family, friends and himself, Gene Maxwell has spent the past year drifting from one meaningless job to another while writing a voluminous novel with which he hopes to win back the heart of former fiance, B-movie actress Liz Woodward. After she calls him from a movie set in Prague and offers him $500 to help move her elderly father to a new apartment, Gene quickly agrees, secretly seizing this as an opportunity to win her back. In the comedic chain of events that follow, Gene learns to finally let go of the one that got away, regain his self-respect and re-open his heart to the people who know and love him best.

MOVING MALCOLM debuted at the 2003 Vancouver Film Festival on October 8 and 11, 2003. It opened at the Tinseltown Theatre on Friday, October 17, 2003.

I've seen a few pages from the script for this, and it's pretty wacky. I don't quite know what to compare it to. Ally McBeal, maybe? Anyway, Nick plays Herbert, the hero's best friend. He's described as being tall and in his 30s. He's the best man at Gene's almost-wedding (the bride backs out at the last minute). There's also a paintball scene in the woods. And a scene at a dance studio. (Herbert is apparently a professional dancer or dance instructor.) He's "doing the tango with an older woman."

A press release on the movie:

Benjamin Ratner makes directorial debut with feature film Moving Malcolm

Vancouver, April 15, 2003

Pre-production of the feature film Moving Malcolm is well underway with shooting set to start in Vancouver April 21st. This dark comedy tells the poignant story of aspiring novelist, Gene Maxwell and his hopeful obsession with former fiancée, B-movie actress and veteran heart breaker Liz Woodward. As Gene devises a plan to win back the heart of this troubled vixen his well-intentioned family and friends vehemently protest.

Moving Malcolm stars Benjamin Ratner (Last Wedding, Looking for Leonard and soon to be released 19 Months), Elizabeth Berkley (Roger Dodger, Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Any Given Sunday, Showgirls) and John Neville (Spider, Sunshine, The Fifth Element, X-Files) as the central characters of this tightly written story of love, fear, & acceptance. Babz Chula (Last Wedding, Dirty), Jay Brazeau (A Guy Thing, Taken, Last Wedding) and Rebecca Harker (Last Wedding, Little Boy Blues) are Gene’s embarrassingly eccentric family, who try desperately to save Gene from an emotional train wreck, while caught up in their own unusual and bizairre family dynamic. Nicholas Lea (Vertical Limit, X-Files) appears as Gene’s most forceful ally and Linda Sorensen (Joshua Then and Now) plays Malcolm’s potential love interest. As this stellar cast assembles, audiences will see some notable cameos as Ratner’s real life friends and past co-stars pop up unexpectedly – including Tom Scholte (Last Wedding), Gina Chiarelli (See Grace Fly) and Earl Pastko (The Sweet Hereafter).

The story unfolds when Liz unexpectedly turns up on Gene’s doorstep after leaving him at the altar over a year before. The persuasive siren has an unusual and audacious request. She asks Gene to move her elderly father Malcolm, to a new apartment, while she flies to Prague to shoot a low budget sci-fi flick. Obsessed with reconciliation fantasies, Gene seizes the opportunity to recapture Liz’s illusive love and agrees to move her father. In Malcolm, a distinctly articulate, if occasionally foul-mouthed Englishman, Gene finds an unexpected comrade. But Gene’s plans take a painful turn when Liz once again breaks his hopeful heart. But this time through the colourful and enlightening relationship that emerges between him and Malcolm, Gene is able to regain his self-respect and re-open his heart to those who love and know him best.

Moving Malcolm is written and directed by Benjamin Ratner and marks Ratner’s directorial debut. Executive Producers are Crescent Entertainment’s Jayme Pfahl and Christine Haebler (Kitchen Party, Hard Core Logo). Producers are Paul Armstrong (Mon amour mon parapluie, See Grace Fly) and Bridget Hill (Instant Soup). Greg Middleton is Director of Photography (Punch, Better Than Chocolate, Kissed) and the film’s editor is Ross Weber (Last Wedding, Dirty).

Production of Moving Malcolm is scheduled to wrap May 16th. The production has been funded by Telefilm Canada, BC Film and the Canadian Western Independent Producers Fund in association with broadcasters Movie Central,TMN, Citytv/CHUM Network. The film’s distributor is Mongrel Media.

Production information from the Reel West:

Moving Malcolm

Moving Malcolm Productions Inc.
Exec. Prod: Christine Haebler
Prod: Paul Armstrong, Bridget Hill
Assoc. Prod: Rory Richards
Director: Ben Ratner
DOP: Greg Middleton
PM: Chris Foss
PC: Erin Haskett
LM: Scott Harper
PD: Michael Tiernan
Casting: Corinne Clark
Cast: Benjamin Ratner, John Neville, Elizabeth Berkley
Schedule: Apr 21 - May 16, 2003

2nd fl, 281 Industrial Ave.,
Vancouver, BC, V6A 2P2
683-6223 fax: 683-6229

Reel West also issued this call for extras:

We are looking for Extras for a feature film I am producing: Ben Ratner's feature film, Moving Malcolm.

Friday May 9th

From about 8am-4pm we need extras to play aliens and/or Prague film crew members.

From 5pm till around 9pm we need extras to play bar patrons in a Prague bar.

You will be in a scene with Elizabeth Berkley (Showgirls, Saved By The Bell, Roger Dodger, Curse of the Jade Scorpion).

You must be a non-UBCP member, able to smoke and/or tolerate herbal cigarette smoke, and look like you could pass as someone from Prague.

This is voluntary! but we'll supply food and drinks and a chance to participate in a very cool Canadian film.

For more information call Frida Betrani at 604 687-4939 by Wednesday night.

Thanks for supporting Canadian films.

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