NYPD Blue - "Death By Cycle"

[Drama, 2002]

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Though this episode is #6 in production, it's meant to air fifth, after "Meat Me in the Park." Nick is in this episode, again as Frank Colahan. The title, "Death By Cycle," refers to both the A and B stories. In the A story, a little boy is killed for his bicycle. In the B story, the cycle of domestic violence claims Michelle Colahan's life.

To Connie's horror, her sister Michelle goes back to her abusive husband, Frank. She bails him out of jail, only to have him beat her again. Connie, searching for Michelle, finds her in Frank's seedy motel room - severely injured. Connie gets her to the hospital. At first it looks like Michelle is going to be all right, but she goes into premature labor. They have to do an emergency C-section, and discover that she's bleeding internally from the assault. They manage to save the baby, but they can't save Michelle. Connie's in shock when she finds out, because Michelle had seemed okay.

Meanwhile, Frank is picked up at the bus station and taken to the station to give a statement. They don't tell him that Michelle is dead, because they want him to admit he beat her. He does, blaming Michelle for their fight. He wants to include an apology for his behavior in his written statement. They encourage him to do so - more evidence for the prosecution.

There's also a scene where Valerie Haywood promises to personally see to it that Frank gets the book thrown at him. He's going to jail for murder.

The next episode is #10.5, "Maya Con Dios." A little boy is kidnapped, and his parents suspect his birth mother. Also, a cop is killed, and the murderer must be found. Meanwhile, Clark worries about his father, who is drinking too much.

Nick isn't in this episode, but it kind of wraps up his storyline. Connie McDowell adopts her dead sister Michelle's little girl. She confides her worries about the responsibilities of parenthood to Andy, who's with her. She wonders if Valerie can find her a good adoption lawyer. Then a nurse and a social worker come in and hand her the infant, and tell her that the foster parent paperwork and birth certificate will be mailed to her in a few days. Connie goes all mushy over the baby, and Andy puts his arm around her, creating a moment that is sure to make the shippers swoon.

I guess Frank's in jail. He's clearly out of the kid's life, one way or the other.

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