[Crime drama, 60 minutes, 1996]

[Anson Greene]

Nick as the very unstable Anson Greene in the episode "Damage Control."

This was the thirteenth episode of the first (and only) season. It first aired January 30, 1997. TV Guide called it "well-scripted" and rated it a "best bet," for reasons that weren't entirely obvious.

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"Let's start with my impressions of Nick Lea. He was gorgeous. He managed to rise above the pathetic writing. Dawn pinned down what it was: he did so much non-verbal communication that he could drown out the actual lines he was given."

-- Misha Miller and Dawn Friedman

"I've yet to see one of Nick's characters that doesn't fascinate me, even the crazy guy on MOLONEY."

-- Katherine Lawrence

[young Anson]

No, this isn't Nick Lea. It's Justin Lee Elliot, who portrays Anson Greene as a child. Thought it was interesting, seeing what the casting people thought Nick would look like as a kid!

[Animation: Nick dancing]

A fun thing about this episode: Nick does a little tap dance!

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