Newsday's "Kidsday" Interviews Nicholas Lea and Dean Haglund

September 20, 1998

Newsday (the Long Island paper) has a section called "Kidsday" which is written
and reported by local kids:

Talking with Nicholas Lea
[photo of NL w/ Kidsday reporters Kathryn Hutter, Lukasz Zakrzewski and Diana
DeSiena from Holy Child Jesus School in Richmond Hill]

We interviewed actor Nicholas Lea who plays the dastardly Agent Alex Krycek on
TXF TV show during TXF Expo at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan recently. 
Before his acting career began at age 25, he was the lead singer for a band
called Beau Monde.  He was born on June 22, 1962 in British Columbia, Canada.

Q:  Has TXF changed you as a person?

A:  It's changed my perspective on things.  Speaking at TXF Expo in front of
almost 4,000 screaming people, changes you a little bit.  I guess it really
hasn't changed me, it has just broadened my horizons to be a better actor.

Q:  How did you get into acting?

A:  I've wanted to do acting since I was a little kid, but I never really got
around to it until I was 25.  A friend of mine met an acting coach, then I met
her, and I quit my job the very next morning to begin studying to be an actor.

Q:  Do you really believe in aliens?

A:  That's a tough one to answer.  There's been nothing to prove that there are
aliens out there, but there's a romantic side to me that believes there's
something going on out there.  I read a statistic that said there are more
planets in the galaxy than there are grains of sand in all the beaches in
California.  If you think about that, it's almost hard not to comprehend that
somewhere there's something going on.  I think people like to believe there are
aliens, but that doesn't mean that there are.

Q:  Who did you idolize while growing up?

A:  I idolized movie actors, some of them you would never know.  I also played
a lot of sports, and some of my teachers were really important to me.  When I
was in high school, I did an outdoor camping program in Vancouver, Canada.  I
learned about the environment and wildlife, and the guys who taught that were
really cool.

Q:  What advice would you give to wannabe actors?

A:  Have fun with it.  It's very important to study.  It's important not to
take no for an answer.  For every 20 auditions, you'll get 19 doors closed on
you.  It's important to persevere.  Don't let anything stop you; just keep on
going.  And believe in yourself.  When I first started, I had a problem
thinking, 'Could I really work in Hollywood?'  I still have a little bit of
that going on in my head, but I deal with it.  It's important to have a strong
self-image and to be confident in yourself.

Write to him c/o The X Files c/o Fox Publicity, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills,
Calif. 90213-0900
Talking with Dean Haglund
(same interviewers)

We interviewed comedian/actor Dean Haglund who plays Ringo Langly, one of the
three Lone Gunmen, on TXF, at TXF Expo at the Jacob Javits Center recently. 
Besides acting, for the past nine years he has performed comedy acts, including
an XF inspired act in Vancouver, Canada, where the show was originally filmed
before it moved to Los Angeles.

Q:  Who is your role model?

A:  Robin Williams.  I really like him in Mork & Mindy, a TV series from the
1970s.  If you see the reruns, it's hilarious.  About a year ago he was
shooting a movie in Vancouver (where TXF was filmed) and he joined me onstage
and I improvised with him for about three minutes.

Q:  What was your favorite TXF episode?

A:  There are so many.  I liked the black and white Frankenstein episode and
the circus freaks episode.

Q:  Do you really believe in aliens?

A:  It is silly to think we are the only ones in a universe so large, you know
the mathematical probability that anyone else is out there is so huge.  I think
they're out there, but are they coming down and trying to take over the planet?
 No, I don't think so.

Q:  Has being on a hit TV show changed you as a person?

A:  No, I don't think so.  It's just been so much fun.  I'm not on every
episode, so I can keep my regular life.

Q:  How did you get into acting?

A:  I was a child actor; I started acting when I was about 10 doing school
plays and community theater and taking acting lessons.  When I was old enough
to get into bars, I began doing stand-up comedy to pay for my acting classes,
and I never stopped.

Q:  Do you think TXF show has had anything to do with the current alien craze
in this country?

A:  I think there already was a lot of interest, and Chris Carter (show's
creator, executive producer and director) said, "Hey, everybody's interested in
aliens, I think I'll put that in my show."

Q:  Where do you see yourself in the future?

A:  I want to have a nice dog, sit on the porch and watch the sunset.  Right
now I have a lot of movie offers.  I draw cartoons as well, and I'm doing a
comic book about the last day on TXF set in Vancouver before we moved to LA. 
And I'll be a voice in Robocop, the animated series that comes out in

[same address given as above]

[photo of DH with the reporters]

[photo of M&S]

X Files Trivia

1. Name the above TXF stars real names and the characters they play.
2. What does the word XF mean on the TV show?

1.  David Duchovny (Agent Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Agent Dana Scully)
2. FBI agents team up to investigate a series of unexplained and unsolved cases
called X Files

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