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Photos by professional photographer Wendy Sparks. Click on the number next to the description to see a scan of the photo. Note: If you want to use these photos on your own web site, please e-mail Wendy and ask permission first!

The X-Files Christmas Party, Los Angeles, 1995

#NLX2-14    Mitch Pileggi, Nick Lea, and Angelo Vacco

#NLX2-17    Nicholas Lea

#NLX2-18    Mitch Pileggi, Nick Lea, Thierry Couturier, and Angelo Vacco

#NLX2-20    Mitch and Nick by the Ten Thirteen Christmas tree

#NLX2-36    Mitch with his arm around Nick

#NLX3-7      Closeup of Nick on the phone

#NLX3-9      Nick Lea on the phone in the Ten Thirteen office.

#NLX3-13    Mitch and Nick checking their messages in the Ten Thirteen office

#NLX3-14    Another of Mitch and Nick checking their messages

Vancouver Wrap Party, 3rd Season, April 1996

#NLW1-28    Nick Lea

#NLW1-31    Nick Lea and Bill Davis

#NLW2-35    David Duchovny and Nick Lea

#NLW3-21    Nick holding a pool cue.

Nick smoking a cancer stick (bad boy!)

Mitch and Nick

GM Place

Nick at GM Place    Lovely closeup of Nick smiling, waiting backstage at GM Place

Another closeup of Nick waiting backstage (more serious expression)

Nick on stage, smiling

Another of Nick on stage

Nick sitting backstage

Nick sitting backstage (closer)

Nick walking around on stage

Nick on stage, with microphone

Nick with X-FILES producer J.P. Finn

Nick on stage  

On Location: "The End"

Nick on location on Grouse Mountain

Nick being directed by Chris Carter

Nick on his last day filming in Vancouver (posing with Chris Carter)

Nick Lea and William B. Davis after finishing all their scenes on Grouse Mountain

Another shot of Nick Lea and William B. Davis

Vancouver Wrap Party, 5th Season, April 1998

Nick with Scott Bellis ("Max Fenig")

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