Nicholas Lea, The X-Files convention

Toronto, October 7th, 1995

Transcribed by Geneviève Gagnon

Obviously, I didn't insert all the screaming, yelling, and whistling :-) to keep the text as light as possible.

Nick Lea: Hi! Wow! I went to a convention a couple of weeks ago, my first one, in Reno and, not only did I lose basically all my money but, um, it was so much smaller than this. It was like 600 people and that was nerve-racking, you know what I mean, and this is sort of a sea of people, so... Well, thanks for showing up everybody, this is great! You know, you sort of think about "What am I going to talk about when I get up here?" and "How am I possibly to say anything that's going to be of interest to anybody?" I didn't really come up with any sort of set or organized thing to talk about, I'll take questions at any time. It's kind of just cool to meet you guys, you know and see the people that are interested in the shaaaa (Nick makes kind of a fainting sound, as if he just realized that we're over 1500 in front of him.) Meet the people that are interested in the show, 'cause I'm a fan, too so, you know, it's nice to have everybody together in Toronto, anyway. Um, what do I want to talk about? I got to tell you, first of all, being, like I said, a fan of the show, I'm psyched to be on the show and when you work as an actor, you know as I was telling some people backstage, that usually, you're just kind of happy when you *work*, so that you don't have to eat Kraft Dinner all the time. And when you get to be on a show that's not only cool, but hip and exciting and done really, really, really well, like that episode on Friday with the lightning boy, you know. It was just excellent, I mean it was a totally far out concept, but they did it so well, you had to believe it, you know, it was just wow. And, what else can I talk about?

Audience member yells out: Are you married?

NL: No, I got to tell you that the girl who plays Melissa Scully, well who *did* play Melissa Scully, is my girlfriend, and has been my girlfriend for about two years. I'm sorry.

Audience member: You shot her!

NL: I got to tell you it's not only weird, but very ironic to kill your girlfriend. Um, you know what, where are Rachel and Jennifer? Are they around here? Come here you guys. (Two 13-year-old girls come up on the stage) I came back from dinner last night and Rachel and Jennifer were in the lobby of the hotel waiting for me, to say Hi and for me to sign something for them and I just thought that was really sweet and so, I just wanted to... (Nick hands them each a red rose.) This is good, people like what you do and the fans, and, you know, as an actor, as I said you just want to work, but when people like what you do it's just an absolute fondness (?), you know. Um...

Audience member: I like your hair much better than the way they style it on the show.

NL: Well, the problem is, in the last couple of episodes, *I* couldn't tell who I was. It was like this, in front of my face all the time; I had to change it. "The guy with the hair" is not good. Sure, I'm ready to take any questions you guys have, as long as they're not too personal.

Q: How is it working with David?

NL: David? David is an excellent guy. David and I are really good friends actually. So we hang out a lot when we're in town together in Vancouver. He's just a very smart, very warm, kind of quiet guy, you know.

Q: And Gillian Anderson?

NL: Gillian's a wonderful person. She's got her kid now, she's married and they live in a beautiful little home in Vancouver. She's just an absolute sweetheart, I can't tell you anything more than that, she's just a really wonderful person, they both are, they're both great people.

Q: Do you think Cancer Man will find you?

NL: I'll find him.

Announcer: You can ask your questions right at this microphone, here. Come on down.

NL: Come on down, we have a sale!

Q: Hi. You came on the show Sliders, whatever happened to that, I mean, you were in the last episode, what's gonna happen?

NL: No, it's coming back; I'm actually going back to do an episode in November. I think it's going to be a mid-season replacement, so, it's not canceled. So, I'm going back to do the first episode in November, of that show.

Q: Hi, I was wondering about your rock band, I understand that Gillian is not the only one with a punk past.

NL: Well, I sang in the band for about four years.

Q: What was it called?

NL: We were called the Panic, originally, which is a really terrible name. And changed our name, well, to make a long story short, we couldn't decide on a name, so we, you know, the five of us would say "OK, that's a good name," and one guy would go and tell his friends, and his friends would say "it sucks" so he'd come back saying "it sucks". So we could never figure out what we were going to be called, then we just one day opened up the dictionary and the first thing we put a name on was Beau Monde, which is, the exact translation obviously in French is 'Beautiful World.' [GG: and it can also mean 'beautiful people'].

Q: Do you have any recordings?

NL: No, I hope not, it's frightening to listen to it now.

Q: Do people treat you different now that you've been on the X-Files or are they still the same old people?

NL: Do you mean my friends and stuff?

Q: Well, like people on the street, do they walk by and go "Damn you, Krycek!"

NL: The reaction, generally, is really cool. Everybody is friendly and nobody freaks me out, nobody is disrespectful or anything like that. And you know it's nice to have people come and talk to you. Like I said before, when you're an actor, it's good to know that people are at least seeing you, you know. And to be seen on this show is just totally another bonus. So, everybody is very cool, it's really nice.

Q: Do you believe in extraterrestrials?

NL: Do you?

Q: Yeah.

NL: Yeah, I do, too. I think that it's kind of like a nice thought to know that there is something else out there other than us. It's also gives me kind of a hope, as well. And, you know, I think I've always believed in ghosts and things like that. Why not, I mean, it's totally possible.

Q: I was just wondering, on average, how long does it take to shoot an episode.

NL: It generally takes them about 8 days. So they'll shoot Monday to Friday and then Monday to Wednesday. Some shows are six days, some shows are seven days, and this one, because they have a higher budget and because it's probably a complicated show, they shoot an 8-day schedule. And that's a lot of hours during each day, usually 16, 17 hours a day, so it's a lot of work. David and Gillian, they work so hard, they work so hard, I mean, that's their life. It sort of appears, on the surface to be a sort of a really glamorous job, and a lot of aspects of it are, glamorous and exciting, but when you're on the set 17 hours a day, it's hard to keep your chin up sometimes. They do a great job of it, so I have a lot of respect for them, too.

Q: Thanks for your question.

NL: My answer, you mean.

Q: Pardon.

NL: My answer.

Q: Yeah.

Q: Did you meet your girlfriend on 'The Commish'?

NL: I did. I did. She was going out with another and I was going out with a girl for a while and we were friends for about a year, and then, you know, a little barbecue on the beach and it totally changed.

Q: What about Steven (?)?

NL: Isn't he a good guy? He's such a great guy. He lives, basically, in LA, across the canyon from me. So, I see him and talk to him quite often and he's a great guy, excellent guy, good actor, too.

Q: What other movies or shows have you done besides 'The X-Files' and 'Sliders'?

NL: I did, um... oh boy! I was in, a long time... Where's my resume? You just start forgetting it, you know. I was in a film a couple of years ago, 3 or 4 years ago, called 'American Boyfriends' which was a sequel to 'My American Cousin' and, actually, I went to see that. I was all excited about it, I went and the credits roll over my face in the beginning and they roll over my face in the end. I had a very small part in a movie that was originally called 'The Tool Shed' and it's now called 'Bad Company' with Larry Fishburne. And I did a small, very small, movie called 'The Raffle' about 3 or 4 years ago. And let me tell you something about that, too. I went right to the thing, they cast me, I was really excited, a lead in a movie you know, a great opportunity to learn what it's all about. I read the script, it's OK, you know, I'm just happy to be there. And then when I see the final version, they just added all this nudity and stuff, it was so frightening. I had no idea they were going to do that, so, you kind of got to be careful of what you say yes to, because once you've done your acting it's out of your hands, they can do anything to it they want. What else, I just did an episode of 'Lonesome Dove'. That's going to be on. That's actually pretty cool, it was nice to be a cowboy. You put on the boots and the hat and you're a cowboy in, like, 7 minutes, it's great. And I just did a new show that's going to be airing on Global, called 'Jake and the Kid', which is taken from the WR Mitchell Stories. And it's a beautiful, beautiful, hour-long drama, great show. And I did a lot of stuff in Vancouver, boring stuff. I did 'Hat Squad', I did 'Highlander', I did a lot of episodic comedies in Vancouver.

Q: Could you tell us how many episodes your contract is for this year?

NL: I'm not, per say, contracted for a certain number of episodes in a year. They just ask me back when, kind of whenever they want. And I'm going back shortly again. The good thing about my character is that they just slip me in, and every once and a while I can come in and do something.

Q: What was your favorite part about playing Krycek?

NL: My favorite part? Killing my girlfriend. No, um, that's kind of an easy question, but a tough question, because I love doing the show and, I honestly love doing the show so much, I made a lot of great friendships. But about playing the character... Well, I think it's interesting that I'm trying to play, I was talking to some people backstage about this, not just good guys, not just bad guys, but bad guys who don't know they're doing bad things, or bad guys who are trying to be good, or good guys who are trying to be good, but always and up doing bad things, you know what I'm saying? So it's not always clear as day, so I try not to play squeaky clean good guys, I like to do something with more depth than that. Plus, in the first couple of episodes there was the opportunity to kind of play two things, the clean cut, dorky FBI guy and then the mole, the CIA mole, the bad guy. It's cool. And it's such a well-written show that that's also a pleasure to have some nice dialogue, because that doesn't always happen on television, as we all know. It's all good, I know that sounds kind of sappy, but it's true, it's all good. I look forward to going to work on that show everyday that I go, it's a real pleasure.

Q: What's in store for Krycek, are they going to get you, or Krycek, to go after Cancerman?

NL: Well, no only do I not know the answer to that, but even if I did, I couldn't tell you. I was talking to Chris Carter the other day, I went into his office and we were sitting down, having a chat and I said, "What should I say to these people? I don't want to say anything stupid. And I don't want to say anything that's going to, you know, ruin the surprise for anybody, or anything like that." He said just, "If you don't really know the answer, just be as mysterious as you can." What I'd like to see is Krycek coming back and save Mulder's life. Just to make that area between good and evil just a little fuzzier, you know, just a little more trusting, I'd like to see him do something kind of valuable. I think the character has a lot of respect for those two. I mean Krycek was there, he saw all that stuff go down. There's a part of him that's got to start believing that something weird is going on, too.

Q: What do you think of Krycek's motivation to be a bad guy?

NL: I don't think he's motivated to be bad, I think he's motivated to do what he thinks is right. Again, this is something else I was talking about backstage, somebody asked me about this, and I said that what happens in government, when people think that they're doing the right thing for the general public and they're not, quite often. It's so much as he'd like to be bad, I think that he's doing what he thinks is right and also I think he wants to be successful. When I first got the part and I was trying to make decisions about where this guy came from and where he'd gone, I thought that he'd probably was kind of living up to something in his past, he was doing whatever he could to be successful. We all know people like that, whether at work or whatever. Are these boring answers, I don't know, you got to tell me. (Audience yells out 'NO!', and then Nick makes a snoring sound.) It's an X-Files episode, 2 thousand people fall immediately asleep.

Q: Are you ever going to be a good guy or are you just going to run around killing people all the time?

NL: Well, I think that the day that Krycek... Hey, Dean! Dean Haglund, everyone. (Dean Haglund was the next guest and he just peaked his head through the curtains.) I think that the day that Krycek becomes a good guy is the day that Krycek dies, so... Let's just hope, well, let *me* hope anyway, that I could probably stay somewhere in between. I don't now if he's ever going to become a good guy, but...

Q: What was your favorite episode to make?

NL: To make? Well, the last one, 'Paperclip', was really exciting for me because I got to... Well, I got to beat up Mitch, for starters, which is fun. No, Mitch is a great guy, I love him, we're friends. But, I got to run out of an exploding car, which was really exciting because you're sitting in the car and you're surrounded by gallons of gasoline and there's guy 50 feet away with a little thing like this, so he's only got to sneeze and you're... and Krycek is no longer in the show. So that was a gas, I mean, it was really scary, but it was also incredibly exciting. I also liked 'Ascension', because I got to work with Steve Railsback, who I think is a fantastic, fantastic actor, the guy who played Duane Barry. Although my *tie* was in this episode more than I was because it was all shot around a table, whatever. I remember they were talking to him, in negotiations, across a table and I was standing at that table, but I was all shot to around here (gestures to his upper chest).

Q: Just a general question, how often do people show up to watch the taping of the show?

NL: Well, the show shoots so much on location outdoors that people show up all the time. During the season ender of last year when David and I got in that fight there was like 200 people watching, it was like a theater.

Q: Where was this?

NL: It was outdoors in Vancouver but you know, where they shoot is always different and it's really hard to sit on the set and watch unless you know somebody in particular. If you're outside and if you know where they're going to shoot and you're there, you're welcome to watch, we don't mind that, as long as you don't get in front of the camera.

Q: How did you get your part on 'The X-Files'?

NL: I originally did an episode in the first year called 'Genderbender'. I did just a couple of small scenes in that. I was in a hospital bed and I had sex with an alien. The producers were good enough to remember me, they liked the performance that I did so when they cast Krycek they read about 30 guys in LA, and I was actually living in Vancouver at the time. I was the only guy that they brought in from Vancouver, which is really exciting for me, and then I got the job. They called me that afternoon and told me I got it. My girlfriend was down at the gym, so I'm running down to the gym, I ran into the gym, I went "I GOT IT!" Everybody turned and looked at me, it was really embarrassing, but whenever I get a big job, I just explode, I get so happy.

Q: You're better looking in person. [I have to agree]

NL: Is that good or bad, I don't know. Thank you. It's the jacket.

Q: What is Gillian Anderson's address?

NL: It's 27--... Yeah, like I'm going to give it to you. She wanted me to ask for yours, but I did know so... (Somebody yells out "Phone number!") I don't know that. Actually, I do know that but I'm not telling. But if you want to write her something or tell her how cool you think she is, you can write a letter to FOX in Los Angeles and they forward all her mail to her.

Q: Are you going to do another episode of 'Taking the Falls'?

NL: Wow, you saw that? When was that on, I never saw it? I was fun doing it, you know. I never saw it, you kind of do your work and you try not to make judgments on what you're doing at the time, so I didn't so much... I just hope it was good, I hope you liked it, I hope it was good.

Q: Hi! Do you wear boxers or briefs?

NL: You want to know what I have under? I wear those Calvin Klein things that come down to about here, they're really, really comfortable.

Q: Hi, um...

NL: Briefs!

Q: No, actually, I don't care about that.

NL: Good.

Q: I don't even want your autograph.

NL: That's cool, I respect you for that.

Q: I'm sorry, I'd rather leave you alone, except that I'm a writer and I have something from the creative x-philes of the Internet and it's about your character. I would like to give you a copy of it, if that's alright.

NL: I'd love it, thanks. Cool, thank you very much. She's leaving now.

Q: I was just wondering, what's it like working on 'The X-Files'? Also what's Chris Carter like?

NL: CC is a very cool guy. He used to be a surfer and he wrote for surf magazine for a long time and they got the concept for 'The X-Files' and now he's doing that. You know one thing about CC is, I've worked with people in the past, producers and stuff, and they're just basically untouchable. But CC, you can go, he says anytime you want to come in and talk, you can do that, sometimes we play basketball together and stuff like that. He's an excellent guy, I wish there was more like him in the business. Yeah, he's a great guy and working on the show is just a blessing, really, like I said before, when you're an actor you kind of hope that you're going to be on a show, but you just kind of hope that you're going to work, that you're going to make money and you're going to survive, you know. But to be on a show like this one, where they really care about everything they do and the stories are interesting and you get to play a cool character, you get to make friends, it's good. It's great.

Q: Hi, you have such a cool voice, how come you've never done a monologue?

NL: A monologue? On the show?

Q: Yeah.

NL: Maybe they think I can't remember my lines or something. That's an excellent question and I think you should write a letter to them. (Someone yells, "Do a beer commercial!") David does a great commercial, did you know? It's funny, too. I went in and watched them do it one day and, he takes his dog everywhere he goes, so he was in a sound booth recording this thing and the dog is just running around, and they were like get the dog out of here, because he was barking and all kinds of stuff. It was funny.

Q: Hi, I was wondering are you going to try to kill agent Scully again this season? Or you're not allowed to tell.

NL: Well, I believe I'm not allowed to tell, it would quite frankly cheat you guys out the surprise or something, so I'm taking the fifth on that.

Q: I'd like to know what advice you would give to people who'd like to get started in acting?

NL: Good question...

Q: And get on the show?

NL: (Laughing) Get on the show. Um, I'll answer the first part first. Any advice. You know, I don't get asked that question a lot and I've been thinking a lot about it myself. But I think that first you should study as an actor, you should learn how to do it. I mean, if you were a painter or a technician of some kind, you'd go to school to learn how to do that. Now I'm not telling you to go to school to learn how to act, I'm saying seek out a really good acting coach, somebody who can really give you good advice and really work. A lot of this business is a lot of people saying no to you all the time. I don't know what the stat is but it's like one percent of one percent of all actors make a living at it, so the rest of those people are told no, we don't want you. So you kind of have to keep a thick skin, but at the same time you have to stay open because you're an actor and you have to be feeling and to be all those things. But I think the most important thing is to work hard and to believe that you can do it, because if you don't believe it, nobody else is going to. So if you want to be an actress, I would say, study, believe that you can do it, because you can. I know that when I came from Vancouver and I went down to Los Angeles, I thought, who am I to be a Vancouver actor to go down to LA and make any kind of impression. But you know what? It's happening. And if I can do it, then so can you, so just keep working and believe that you can do it and study.

Q: I was just wondering if I could have a hug.

NL: Absolutely. (Nick hugs her) Look at how red her face is. Thank you.

Q: (A man is standing behind the mike.)

NL: No, you cannot have a hug.

Q: Actually, I just want to say that if you kill Mulder or Scully, I'm going to come and hunt you down.

NL: I can guarantee you that that's no going to happen.

Q: I was just wondering in the season finale, did Mulder accidentally hit you at all when you were doing that fighting scene?

NL: Uh-uh. You know what was cool about that is that we choreographed that whole thing ourselves. The stunt guy hadn't show up, usually we have a stunt guy that show you do this, do this, do this. Then you do it slowly for half an hour, then you slowly work up the speed, so nobody gets hurt and it looks realistic. Well, the guy didn't show, so David and I had to do it ourselves. We did it from so many different angles, so many different times, that he through me up against that wall 20 times, through me on top of the car 15 times. By the end of the night, I was just like this (crooked). This is what these people are like, the producers sent me a massage therapist, who showed up on my door the next morning and give me a back rub for like an hour and a half. So, that's the kind of people they are. So, yes, he did hit me, but I hit Mitch when I was fighting with him the other day, so it all comes around.

Q: Krycek killed Melissa instead of Dana, is he going to get fired or killed for doing that?

NL: Well, I don't know if you saw the second episode of the year, but they tried to kill me, blow me up in a car, so I'd say they're not really happy about it.

Q: How did you get started in acting?

NL: How did I get started in acting? I used to sing in a... Well, I always knew I wanted to be an actor, I was in love with acting ever since I was a little kid, you know. I loved movies and actors and actresses and the whole idea of it. And then I never really got into that, I went to art school for 3 years, I wanted to be an illustrator and then I sang in a band, like I said, for about 4 or 5 years. And then I was working at, of all places, a clothing store, I don't know what I was doing, misguided or something. And, a friend of mine knew that I wanted to be an actor, he came in and said, "Listen, I know this teacher, you should meet her, she's cool." So I went and met this woman. She was like this 60-year-old woman, she'd been in the business for years, she was really cool. We had an intense conversation for about 2 hours. The next day, I went in and quit my job, and I started studying with her and that was it.

Q: I was wondering what is in Krycek's future? Is he going to be the next informant?

NL: I think right now he's sitting on a beach in Costa Rica with one of those big pineapples with the top off and an umbrella sticking out of it. So what's next for him, I think he's just going to continue to be shady. I hope so anyway.

Q: Hello, I was wondering, do you think they're going to kill Krycek eventually?

NL: Um, well, I'll tell you and everybody in this room... Nah. They were going to kill me at the beginning of the season, right, because I talk to Chris and he said, "There's a pretty good chance you might die." And I called him, and I, which, I've never this before, it was really embarrassing. I called him on the phone and I said, "Don't kill me, please, don't kill me. I love the show too much", you know. And then he didn't and I asked him why and he said because he thought that it was better for the show, which, coming out of his mouth, felt pretty good. So, I hope not, let's put it that way.

Q: Also, me and my friends really, really like your show and I was wondering if you could say hi to everybody from Mark and Collin and Steven.

NL: From who and who?

Q: Mark and Collin and Steven.

NL: Mark and Collin and Steven. To everybody in Vancouver. Mark and Collin and Steven, write it down for me, OK, next time I go, I promise I will...

Q: Hey!

NL: Hey!

Q: I was wondering if you consider yourself evil?

NL: As a person?

Q: No, on the show.

NL: Oh, I think Krycek may have just realized that maybe he's *not* doing the right thing. Um, I think that he's a little delusional, because you know, his boss just tried to kill him. If it'd happened to you, you'd be a little confused. So I think that he's sorta... he doesn't know what going on. He's just somewhere on a beach relaxing.

Q: I think that you're a real good actor.

NL: Well, thanks a lot man, it's nice to hear.

Q: What's your favorite episode?

NL: I think my favorite episode is 'Ascension', with Railsback. Again my tie was in it more than I was, but I still think it was an excellent episode. I thought Steve did a beautiful job, I thought David was great. I also think that most of them are awesome, I really do. I think the one last week was excellent, the one last Friday, was really, really good. And those two kids, two guys, were excellent, the two video guys were just awesome. You know, it just depends, that the thing about the show, it's hard to take that subject matter, photograph it correctly, get the right amount of tension, cast the right people, get the right music, do this, do that... It's so hard to come up with a good show every week and they do it and it just blows me away. I think most of them are good, I really do.

Q: You've been asked all these acting questions. I am a theater student, I was wondering if you thought it was more difficult to break into TV or stage, or if you tried to break into stage acting at all.

NL: I've done both. And I really think that for me or you, that the best place to learn is on the stage. You hear that from a lot people, but it's really true, because you have to, when you walk on stage, you've got to be involved, until you walk off. Television, you'll be doing a scene, it will be 'action' and then it will be 'cut'. It usually doesn't last more than a minute or so. On the stage you really learn about forming a character and making the right decisions about your character and believing in your choices and then putting it out there for people to see instantly. There's no editing involved, no movie magic, it's just you and the people. I think that if you're going to learn, that's the best place to do it, you learn different things by working in front of the cameras, on a TV set or film set, but I think you learn more about acting in theater.

Q: And if you ever get on the 'net, I would like to cordially invite you to IRC channel #xf, I'm sure we would all be happy to see you there.

NL: OK, you know what, though. I do admit that I'm so, so computer illiterate. It's horrible in 1995. Thank you, good question.

Q: I was wondering if I could get my picture taken with you.

NL: I… sure, you want to do that later. I promise we'll do that later. I promise.

Q: Are you going to keep working on television or do you want to do movies?

NL: Movies? Definitely. TV is good, but I don't think... it's hard to get on a quality show, it's hard to get in a quality film, actually, but the people who are really making it in this business know what they do and gradually make it into film. You get to be more creative in movies, so...

Q: First of all, I would like to say that it's nice to see a Canuck doing pretty good. And my question is, what was it like acting with Cynthia Dale in a rather physical role?

NL: Well, I got to tell you something about that. So, I get the job, and I fly to Toronto and I don't know what happened to me, but I got this really, like, bad flu. So, I show up on the set, and they go, "Nick, this is Cynthia Dale. Cynthia Dale, this is Nick." And, I swear to God, seven minutes later, I'm making out with her. I couldn't... My ears were all blocked up from the plane when we landed on Toronto, so I couldn't hear anything. Half of my head was blocked, she's wonderful, but I felt terrible. It's always weird when you get these jobs and you don't know the person and you're kissing them. I mean, to me, that was weird, but she's a really nice lady. Really nice and talented.

Q: In your whole acting career, what did you enjoy the most?

NL: What did I enjoy the most…? Well, I've done a couple of theater jobs that were really, really special to me. And very memorable. But I think it's got to be this show, and I'm not just saying that.

Q: We just had a couple of quality questions. Um, your bellybutton, innie or outie?

NL: Innie.

Q: Really, and what inspired you to cut your hair?

NL: These *are* quality questions. What inspired me to cut my hair, I just got so sick of it being long, I just went to the barber and said, "Cut it off, man. Give me the number 7." This is the Hollywood number 7, you say give me the number 7, this is what you get. It's that whole Brad Pitt thing, it's almost embarrassing. You know what, I saw myself on the show and, honestly, I didn't know who that is, is that me or what? So, I just got it cut.

Q: I just think you're wonderful, I think you're a great actor, can I give you a hug?

NL: Of course, my pleasure. (Nick hugs her.) This convention stuff is great!

Q: You're my favorite actor next to David and Gillian, and I thought you should have played Robin on 'Batman Forever'.

NL: I thought he was the best thing in that movie, actually. I thought he was great. But, thank you.

Q: And two things that I have to know about all my favorite actors: What is your middle name and what is your birthday?

NL: My middle name is Christopher and my birthday is June 22nd.

Q: Do you know if there's ever going to be a full length 'X-Files' movie?

NL: Well, you know what they did, everywhere but Canada and the States, they took Anasazi and the first two of this year and are right now compiling it in a feature length film, but they're not showing it in Canada and the States, they're showing it in Japan and Australia and Europe and all that. I'm not sure why. I think they might, in a couple of years, they might be doing a movie onto itself, but that's not for at least a year or two.

Q: I'd like to say now that this now this question is really going to bite, but um... do any of the actors play practical jokes on each other.

NL: They do, all the time, but it's really subtle stuff. It's not like some people show up and there's a strip-o-gram or something. It happens all the time, but it's more like everybody just kind of digs being together. (Strange noise from the audience, like bhaaa) What was that, was that a goat? Who brought the goat in here!? Um, it's not that they play jokes, but they just have a lot of fun together. That's not a no, it's a yes. They're good people, really.

I think that's it, so I just want to say, you guys are great and it's really cool to see you all here and I'll see you back for the autographs.

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