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Nick Lea - General Information

Fox's Official Nick Lea Bio

Also see their Krycek page.

Nick Lea On Screen

Formerly Nicholas Lea 2000. Large site, with lots of pictures, info, and news.

Nick Lea's page in the Internet Movie Database

The information is incomplete and some of it is inaccurate, but there are links to video retailers for some of Nick's movies, as well as viewers' ratings of them.

Angela's Nicholas Lea Gallery

Frame captures and photo scans. The selection changes frequently, so check back often!

Nicholas Lea Unplugged

Credits and photos, with more to come.

The I Love Nick! Page

Photos, poetry, and funny stuff. (Check out the bio!)

The Kick Butt Nicholas Lea Page

All kinds of stuff.

The Silo

A collection of links to sites of interest to the Nick Lea fan.

The Unofficial Nicholas Lea Site

General Nick info, photos, sounds, video.

Focussed On Nick Lea

Aqualegia's Nick Lea page.

Russian Nicholas Lea Web Site

All in Russian!


All in French.

Nick Lea - Cons, Articles and Interviews


Great Nick Lea interview, with lots of breathtaking photos. You have to see them to believe them! Also some cool sound files, and a ONCE A THIEF page with great photos of the cast and sets.

The MPEB Nick Lea Page

Some unique con photos.

Aliens Ate My Corn Nuts

Emile took some great photos of the X-FILES stars at the SAG Awards, including lots of Nick.

The G-Men Come to Town

A report on a con in Belfast with Mitch Pileggi and Nick Lea as guests. Some nice photos!

Lucy & Wakko's Unofficial XF Page

General XF page, with a Nick Lea photo gallery and an account of a personal encounter.

Forties Flair 2

A Canadian media site, with an article about costume design for the TV series, Jake & the Kid. There's a little photo of Nick, dressed as a farmhand!

EON's Nicholas Lea Photos

Some nice photos of Nick, taken at movie premieres, awards shows, etc.

Krycek Links

The Lair of the Rat

Lots of great stuff here!

The Alex Krycek Page at the Official X-FILES site

Some nice graphics, but whoever maintains this page just doesn't understand poor Ratboy....

Codyne's Whereabouts Unknown Page

Information about the Krycek APA, as well as original Krycek art, and images from each Krycek episode.

All Things Rat

"Pictures, sounds, and fanfiction all involving our beloved or behated Ratboy."

Simply Krycek

Photos, collages, news, polls, analysis.

Mania's Krycek Profile

Rather unsympathetic depiction of Krycek, but there are some nice photos.

X-FILES University

This online "college" offers a degree in "Alex Krycek Studies." Or just read the dissertations other fans - er, students - have written about him!


The Society for the Protection of Alex Krycek!

The RAD Homepage

RAD stands for "Ratboy's Ardent Admirers"!

Blondie's Ratcave

A Krycek/Marita site. Check out the music videos!


Nicholas Lea Task Force

A site devoted to promoting and supporting the career of Nicholas Lea in the roles he already plays and those for which he is being considered.

The Nick League

A group that raises money for charitable causes in honor of Nick.

Will's TV Show Trading Page

Will can make you copies of ONCE A THIEF episodes; mail him two brand-name, unopened tapes for each tape you want, plus return postage. He also has other Nick Lea stuff, such as THE BURNING ZONE.

Wanted Men Mail Campaign Page

A page supporting the supporting cast of THE X-FILES, with addresses where you can write in and let Fox and Chris Carter know we want to see Krycek! You might want to check out these letter-writing guidelines first.

Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Materials Store, Inc.

Great source for movie and TV-related photos, posters, etc.

Fun Stuff

The X-FILES Virtual Spin-the-Bottle Game

If you're lucky, you may get to kiss Krycek!

Kirsten's Home

Some nice X-FILES screensavers, including one of Nick.

Spoof X-FILES Milk Ads

These are hilarious. And yes, there's a Krycek one!

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