North of 60 - "Out of the Blue"

[Drama, 60 minutes, 1993]

[Nick as Lt. Hillard]

Nick as 2nd Lt. Lloyd Hillard

This is a sort of Canadian soap opera, an award-winning series about Canadian Natives, set in the small, remote town of Lynx River. North of 60 refers to the 60th parallel. "Out of the Blue" was the sixth episode of the first season.

North Of 60 is currently rerunning on CBC in Canada, and on Trio in the U.S.

For more information on this series, see Patty's North Of 60 page. It has a terrific episode guide.

A U.S. Air Force helicopter makes an emergency landing in Lynx River. The pilot and co-pilot are puking their guts out - food poisoning, courtesy of the eggs benedict served in the officers' mess for breakfast that morning. The pilot, who had two helpings, is held in the infirmary, but the co-pilot, Lt. Hillard, is released...and gets into trouble.
He and the chopper's radio man manage to get booze, even though Lynx River is a dry town. They get drunk and assault some local girls - including one who is only 13 years old.
Rather than put the girl through a trial and let the town become a media circus, the men are allowed to plead guilty and pay a fine. They will have to go back to the U.S. and face disciplinary action...but many of the locals aren't happy with the plea bargain.
The girl's brother tries to shoot the men as they are leaving, but is stopped by local law enforcement. Lt. Hillard wants to press charges, but his captain won't let him, and hauls him off to the helicopter.

Some comments on the Air Force uniforms - pretty authentic. Sage green flight suit and jacket at first (though no flight cap), then the more formal "Class As," with the wheel cap. (Though they looked like the old wool uniforms, rather than the current polyester ones.) Nick was wearing the wrong rank insignia, though. He was a 2nd Lieutenant, a "butterbar," and should have had a single gold bar, not a silver one. And his hair was out of regs - way too long.

William B. Davis, AKA the "Cigarette Smoking Man," played "Inspector Neilsen" in the episode.

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