NYPD Blue - "One in the Nuts"

[Drama, 2002]

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The title of this episode refers to the main plotline. A dead man is discovered, shot once in the head - and once in the nuts. Don't worry, it's not Nick. Nick has a small role in the B-plot, which carries over into the next episode, "Meat Me in the Park."

Nick's character is named Frank Colahan, and he's Detective Connie McDowell's brother-in-law. Frank is 35 years old, "handsome, but weathered." Also...he's a total jerk! The word used to describe him in the script can't be repeated on a PG-rated website, but it fits. He's a first-class scuzzball.

His wife Michelle (Katherine La Nasa) is Connie's sister. She calls Connie and asks to stay with her. Michelle is six months pregnant...and has a black eye. Yup, Frank is a wife-beater. Michelle begs Connie not to report Frank to the cops, but Connie does. Frank gets taken to the station, where he's questioned by Medavoy and Jones. They warn him that if he doesn't leave Michelle alone, he'll be thrown in jail. Frank is angry at first, but agrees to stay away from her.

But he doesn't. He goes to Connie's apartment, and asks to speak to Michelle. Connie wants him to leave, but he's very charming, telling Michelle how sorry he is, blaming his bad behavior on his frustration at being unemployed, and offering to throw himself at her feet to beg forgiveness. Michelle, worried about having to support herself and raise a child alone, agrees to go with him - just to talk. Connie is dismayed, but Michelle insists on going off alone with Frank.

The episode ends there, but it's pretty obvious what's going to happen next.

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