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Last updated May 29, 1998

[Sandrine Holt]

Sandrine Holt - Li Ann Tsei

Twenty-six year old Sandrine Holt is Li Ann Tsei. Like Mac, Li Ann was adopted by the Godfather of the Hong Kong mafia. She was raised as Mac's sister, but ended up his lover - for awhile, anyway. Thinking Mac was dead, she became engaged to Victor. When Mac reappears, Li Ann is torn between the two men.

[Ivan Sergei]

Ivan Sergei - Mac Ramsey

Twenty-five-year-old Ivan Sergei is Mac Ramsey. Mac is a streetwise, reckless young man with an attitude. Abandoned by his real parents, he was adopted by the family in charge of the Hong Kong mafia, the Tangs, and raised to be an art thief.

[Nick Lea]

Nicholas Lea - Victor Mansfield

Thirty-five-year-old Nick Lea is Victor Mansfield. Vic was a police officer, but grew impatient with the red tape and corruption, leading him to seek less orthodox methods of fighting crime. He ends up partnered with reformed thieves Mac and Li Ann, working for the Director.

[Jennifer Dale]

Jennifer Dale - The Director

Forty-two-year-old Jennifer Dale plays The Director, Mac's, Li Ann's, and Victor's "twisted leather freak" of a boss. (Jennifer Dale's sister Cynthia is also an actor. Cynthia Dale starred in a series called Taking the Falls; Nick Lea played her boyfriend in one episode. And Jennifer also guested on Taking the Falls - as Cynthia's sister!)

Recurring Characters:

James Allodi is Nathan Muckle, the paranoid librarian for The Agency.

Howard Dell is Agent Dobrinsky, the Director's right-hand man. He's big, bad, and not to be messed with. His hobby is collecting cars; he has 20 of them, all of which Mac had to wash in one episode.

Greg Kramer is Agent Murphy, one of the Agency assassins known as "The Cleaners." Partnered with Camier.

Julian Richings is Agent Camier, one of the Agency assassins known as "The Cleaners." Partnered with Murphy.

Vicky Pratt, a Toronto body builder and model, is Jackie Janczyk, the daughter of a mob boss who inherits his position after he dies.

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