The Official Alliance John Woo's ONCE A THIEF Website

Alliance's official page.

The Once A Thief page in the Internet Movie Database

Some cool information about the show.

Oatfan's ONCE A THIEF Page

Great site, frequently updated. News and other info, including a report on what it was like to attend a ONCE A THIEF focus group.

Action Meets Art: John Woo's ONCE A THIEF

Very polished, professional-looking page. Lots of info and cool graphics.

Bullet In the Web: John Woo's ONCE A THIEF

An excellent John Woo site, with photos and movie files from ONCE A THIEF.

Angela Bourque's Once A Thief Tribute Page

Angela now has an entire site devoted to Once A Thief!

Tooth Fairy's Unofficial ONCE A THIEF Page

Episode guide, photos, character info, and more.

ONCE A THIEF - The Soundpage

A collection of ONCE A THIEF sound files.

John Woo's ONCE A THIEF Episode Transcripts

Transcripts of many episodes, with more all the time.

Once A Thief Articles

A collection of articles on Once A Thief that have appeared in various Canadian newspapers.


Terrific pictures of the ONCE A THIEF cast and sets, plus a great Nick Lea interview, with lots of breathtaking photos. You have to see them to believe them!

Wild OATs

An archive of ONCE A THIEF slash fan fiction. Adults only, please!

Red On White: A John Woo Page

A site devoted to John Woo, with news, interviews, and photos.

John Woo Articles

A collection of articles on John Woo that have appeared in the Canadian press. Includes several on Once A Thief.

A large site devoted to Nicholas Lea, in all his roles.

The Greg Kramer Fan Club

A mailing list devoted to the actor who plays the Agent Murphy half of The Cleaners.

Will's TV Show Trading Page

Will can make you copies of ONCE A THIEF episodes; mail him two brand-name, unopened tapes for each tape you want, plus return postage. He also has lots of other stuff. (He lives in the U.S. and would prefer not to handle overseas requests.)

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