John Woo's Once A Thief

[TV series, 60 min., Action/Comedy, 1997]

[the cast of ONCE A THIEF]

Ivan Sergei, Sandrine Holt, and Nicholas Lea in Once A Thief.

Nicholas Lea starred in this Canadian TV series. It's based on the movie/pilot, JOHN WOO'S ONCE A THIEF, that aired in September 1996 on Fox. Fox chose not to pick it up as a series, so it was syndicated by Alliance. The series premiered September 15, 1997 and aired for nine weeks on Monday nights at 10 pm ET/PT on CTV before going on hiatus. It returned on January 17, 1998, and aired until May 2, 1998. There are 22 episodes in all. It's now being rerun in Canada on Showcase.

Four of the episodes were aired in the U.S. on TMC (The Movie Channel), as two movies. JOHN WOO'S ONCE A THIEF: FAMILY BUSINESS was "That Old Gang of Mine" and "The Last Temptation of Vic," edited together. There's a few extra scenes to link the two episodes, but Nick isn't in any of the new scenes. JOHN WOO'S ONCE A THIEF: BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER was the two-part series finale, "Family Reunion" and "Endgame" - with a different ending.

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