The Outer Limits - "In Our Own Image"

[Science Fiction/Drama, 1 hr., 1998]


It figures - Nick finally takes his shirt off, but it's not really his chest underneath!

Episode #4.28: A woman abducted by an escaped android gets a crash course in robot repairs. He enables her to read his past for clues to restoring his present condition, but will the excess information overload his circuitry? Starring (in alphabetical order) Bill Dow, Nicholas Lea, Nana Visitor, and Timothy Webber.

Nick plays a robot called Mac-27 in this episode. (He's an agricultural 'droid, named after "Old MacDonald" - like in the song!) Though THE OUTER LIMITS is an anthology show, not a continuing series, some of the episodes are related to each other. "In Our Own Image" is clearly set in the same universe as "Valerie 23" and other episodes about robots who have become just a little too human.

In the U.S., THE OUTER LIMITS first airs on the Showtime premium cable channel, then about a year later in syndication (on whatever channel is willing to buy it). Therefore, alternate versions of some scenes are filmed, to make the show acceptable for general audiences. Showtime has put the following warnings on "In Our Own Image": Nudity, Violence, Adult Language, Adult Themes. Some of this will likely be toned down when the episode airs in syndication.

Nick filmed this in May 1998, but it didn't air in the U.S. until December 18, 1998.

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