The Raffle

[Romantic Comedy, 1995]

[The Raffle]

Click here to see a closeup of Nick from the video box.

From the blurb on the back of the videotape:

Featuring the music of Michael Damian and Elton John, "The Raffle" is a romantic comedy adventure spanning the globe in search of the world's most beautiful woman. From pole to pole Frank and David search while millions of men buy tickets for a chance to win a date with every man's dream. As the world waits for the announcement, fate finally touches a luckless young man and everyone discovers that beauty rests in the heart of anyone who's in love.

The movie features Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame. The female lead is Jennifer Clement - the ambulance driver from the "Leonard Betts" episode of THE X-FILES, while co-star Bobby Dawson played the angry father murdered by trees in "Schizogeny."

Link to Primestar's description of THE RAFFLE (There's a promo painting - is that supposed to be Nick?)

[David Lake]

Nick as David Lake, a man who is seeking the most beautiful woman in the world.

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