Shivers #41, May 1997

In the letter column, there is a letter about Nick:

Gorgeous Rat Guy

Greetings from Japan! I've just subscribed to Shivers. Since you mentioned to us on #39 issue that Nicholas Lea's interview would conclude next month. I ran to the post office and mailed my subscription! Today I got #40, thanks to you, and... well, maybe I'm not a good English reader but I can't find Nick's article in the magazine. Could you please tell me where I can find Nicholas, deliciously gorgeous rat guy??? I read from the cover page through the back cover, I still can't find him..... sigh. Please, I need your help!!

Miwa Alex Hirai

The response:

(We've had a couple of letters about the elusive Krycek, but rest assured, the remainder of the interview with Nic Lea will be featured in the special, issue 42. Promise!)

The same issue features Part One of a Readers Poll Results. Here are the results of the 'Favourite Regular Character' category:

1. Mulder (46%)

2. Scully (33%)

3. Skinner (7%)

4. Krycek (5%)

5. Cancer Man (2%)

6. Manicured Man (2%)
Lone Gunmen (2%)

8. Deep Throat (1%)
Agent Pendrell (1%)
Queequeg (1%)

'Favourite Episodes':

5. "Anasazi" (4.8%)

17. "Duane Barry" (1.5%) tied with "Darkness Falls" and "The Blessing Way"

20. "Ascension" (1.3%) tied with "Piper Maru"

(Thanks to Mrs. Fish for the info!)

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