Nicholas Lea in A Shot In the Face

[Romantic Comedy, 2001]

Nick in

video clip from A SHOT IN THE FACE [1.2 Mb, WMV]
(Warning: strong language!)

Nick plays a bank robber in A SHOT IN THE FACE, filmed in Regina (in Saskatchewan, Canada). Also starring are John Cassini, Ben Ratner, and Katharine Isabell. It's a comedy caper with a bit of romance thrown in.

This movie aired on Canadian TV several times during the summer of 2003. Non-Canadians can check out a review and vid caps at NicholasLea2000.

From the Telefilm Canada Web site:

Shot in the Face is an angry romantic comedy which tells the story of Jerry, a nonconformist who is unwilling or unable to follow conventional expectations. When Jerry finds himself witnessing a robbery, his reaction shows just how deep-seated his alienation really is: unlike most normal people, who would be afraid, he finds it thrilling being so close to death. After the robbery, he meets Erin, a woman who takes nonconformity a step further. Spontaneous, impulsive and sometimes irrational, she teaches Jerry that life does not have to be repetitious and dull. Gradually, Erin helps Jerry shed the very conventions he wishes to rebel against… Shot in the Face is a story about learning to live without fear in a world intolerant of nonconformist behaviour.

Article from the Regina Leader-Post

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