The spotlight this time focuses on Marian Mendez, a truly gifted craftswoman. Here's her

Alex Krycek teddy bear!

[Krycek bear] [teddy bear with arm detached]

The left arm is detachable....

Marian's attention to detail is stunning. The brown fur was chosen to match Krycek's hair, and the eyes are green. The clothing is amazingly detailed. (I was particularly impressed with the jacket made of genuine black leather.)

Check out the pistol in the SOB holster.

Nick signed the back of the black leather jacket. (I think he was most amused by the gun. Men...)

Teddy bear underwear! Click here. (Be warned, it's, well, sorta racy...)

I always knew Krycek was just a teddy bear at heart!

If you would like to contact Marian, or see more of her work, click here.

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