Nick at the Tomba Tour

Nick participated in the Lexus Tomba Tour Championship (AKA the Tomba Invitational) March 20-21, 1999, in Aspen, Colorado. It's celebrity/pro skiing tournament that benefits children's charities. A one-hour excerpt was shown on CBS, Sunday, April 4, 1999, 4 pm ET/1 pm PT.

Pictures and video courtesy of Caroll. (Thank you!!!!)

Video Files:

Nick wipes out [2.3 Mb]

Nick is interviewed [6.6 Mb]

Nick's second ski run (he loses) [6.3 Mb]

And here are some descriptions:

Shari's report:

Nick did win the one slalom race I saw him in. He was racing against Gordon Clapp from NYPD Blue. They showed a clip from NYPD Blue, but didn't even mention Nick until the race started, and then mentioned that the opponent was Nick Lea from The X-Files. And they had a quick interview with him at the bottom after he won - but he did fall at the end. :)

Caroll's report:

To give you further info about Nick's ski day. In the brief interview, the commentator mentioned Nick's clothes. "We saw you earlier today with your knickers, can you tell me what you are wearing?" Nick: "Well, I just came from sea level to 8,000 feet, I'm wearing op's, other peoples clothes, my stuff is in Canada." I believed Nick thanked them about the skiing or being there. The commentator mentioned Nick had lost his hat and that was why he fell. Nick did make it to the semi-finals with his teammate, Von Gruggeim. His skiing was slow, and concise. It was slalom skiing.

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