Nicholas Lea in US Weekly

US Cover, July 7-14, 2003 The July 7-14 issue of US Weekly (the one with the Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson cover) includes three pages on the love lives of Angels stars Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu.

On page 64, there's a photo of Lucy at the Charlie's Angels premiere and the following "Romance Report":

Vital Stats

Age: 34
Height: Five-foot-three

Lucy's Ex Former Flame Actor Nicholas Lea, 41 (The X-Files)

Regarding romance "You have to be a moron in love," Liu has said. "You give yourself 100 percent to the relationship, and you can't think straight. Hallmark should make a Valentine's Day card that says, 'Thank you for being a moron.'"

Current love None to speak of. For a time in late 2002, the Queens, New York native turne dup at Hollywood events on the arm of George Clooney, but sources say there was nothing romantic between the two. Indeed, Liu, who will appear in the forthcoming Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill, has been without a steady for so long that members of the Charlie's Angel's film crew "tried to set her up," an insider tells Us. And she isn't unattainable: Unlike her fellow Angels, she has been spotted with regular guys.

There's also this very small color photo of Nick, probably from the Reign of Fire premiere, with the title "The Ex."

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