The X-Files - "DeadAlive"

[Drama/Horror/Science Fiction, 60 minutes, 2001]

This is part two of a three-part story arc. Part one, "This Is Not Happening," airs at the end of February. Kind of cruel, to make us wait a whole month to see part two. (The Lone Gunman will be airing in place of THE X-FILES throughout March.)

While it's well known that David Duchovny will appear in the rest of this season's episodes, Fox Mulder's return to active FBI duty does not look promising in this installment's opening teaser. However, with Mulder now found, Deputy Director Kersh (James Pickens Jr.) commends Doggett and offers him a promotion out of the X-files. But Doggett demurs, still having questions about the case, which takes a turn when a body is found at sea. The victim: Billy Miles (Zachary Ansley), an abductee from Scully and Mulder's first case together. Evidence shows that the body's been in the water for months. But pathologists are shocked by one other discovery - as is Skinner when he encounters an old nemesis.

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