The X-Files - "Existence"

[Drama/Horror/Science Fiction, 60 minutes, 2001]

The night "Existence" aired, Nick Lea posted this message to the message board:

Subject: Thankyou thankyou thankyou

Thankyou EVERYONE for supporting my time on the show. I probably wouldn't have lasted for that long if I hadn't had you all behind me. Everything has an end. I felt that K wasn't getting a fair shake anyway. It's not that fun to just play a villain, without any reasoning behind it. I wanted more indepth ideas about the character and it never came. It kind of stopped being fun to play. Please stay in my corner as I will need your support in the future. Lots of Love to ALL of you.

Goodnight. N

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Warning: Death scene

What a rotten thing to do to our Alex. Let's rearrange Chris Carter's face!

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