The X-Files - "Piper Maru"

[Drama/Horror/Science Fiction, 60 minutes, 1995]


Alex Krycek falls victim to the X-Files' bathroom curse in the episode "Piper Maru."

"With Mitch and I as his audience, David re-enacts the time he used a telephone receiver to clobber a colleague in a scene. Though the actor apparently didn't mind getting hammered by Fox Mulder, David apologized profusely for the accidental physical assault. However, being a 'method actor,' the man wouldn't let the realism of the moment be halted. 'Keep rolling!' he called as he staggered around the set."

-- Dagmar Dunlevy, Playgirl, April 1997
[The clobbered actor was, of course, our Nick! What a professional!]

Complete text transcript of "Piper Maru."

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