The new X-Files Official Magazine

Issue #1, March, 2002

Not much Krycek in this issue, but there are a couple of small photos. The one above is part of an X-FILES quiz. The other is this one, which accompanies a letter to the editor about Krycek:

I've been watching The X-Files for a long time now. I think Season Eight was very good. I like everyone on The X-Files (except Kersh!), but Alex Krycek has to be my favorite character. I know he was killed off in the episode "Existence," but I hope they can somehow bring him back for Season Nine, even if he only appears in flashbacks, like Melissa Scully in "Christmas Carol."

"A Krycek fan," via e-mail

Alex seemed pretty dead to us - but you never know with The X-Files!

The original X-Files Official Magazine was published by the now-defunct Fandom, Inc. It's been taken over by Titan Publishing, and they are honoring previous subscriptions. And they promise that issue #2 will feature an interview with Nick!

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