X-Pose #24

The Event Character

by Ian Calcutt

X-Pose grabbed a couple of minutes of Nicholas Lea's time during the "Cure is Out There" event. The young actor who appeared backstage had just been presented with a bunch of flowers by one of his many adoring fans. We guess that this is not the first time that's happened.

Lea was about to film his role in "The End" when we spoke. Previously, in "Patient X" and "The Red and the Black," we'd seen a slightly more humane side to the Krycek character, despite some trademark brutality. "That was my choice," said Lea. "The original draft that I read was really dark, and I called them and told them I was concerned it was just maybe a little too dark. I didn't want people to be turned off by the character. And I said if there's one thing I hope that the character's always done is that people are confused as to whether he's bad or good or in between or what exactly he is. I always wanted it to be a surprise - what's he going to do? Something positive or not? I wouldn't say I asked them to change lines, per se, but I asked them if I could try to bring some humanism to the moments, because if he's that cold that people would immediately dislike him.

"I think the world's a pretty scary place for my character," Lea continued. "I don't think he trusts anybody. Enough people have tried to kill him now that every moment he's on the run. Also, very possibly, it's given him an insight into the underdog. Albeit, the fact that Krycek was responsible for the boy being sewn up (in "Patient X"), I think once he'd done it, I think we possibly noticed some regret. He understands the underdog situation."

As for the sixth season, Lea said he will do "a minimum of four or five" episodes, as long as he doesn't take a bullet like many others on the show. "I think that anybody's fair game on the show, so I hope it doesn't happen," noted the actor. "Hopefully, I'll become a bit of a fixture. I always think that I want to stay with the show until it stops. Frank Spotnitz, who co-execs (produces) the show, described my character as 'an event character,' which I though was kind of appropriate. I tend to show up when the big shit's going down, which is great because they always spend a little bit more and there's a little bit more money. They always do that little bit extra in those two-parters - not that they don't accomplish something amazing every week, because they do."

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