Subject: 10 Things about Nicholas Lea

Transcribed by: (ALFORNOS)
Date: Sat, Feb 20, 1999 20:08 EST

Xpose issue #32 devotes page 66 to "10 Things You Never Knew About...Nicholas
Lea." There's a color photo of Nick on the set, sitting on the grass, wearing a
leather jacket, microphone attached to his shirt, drinking a glass of something

Here are the 10 things:

1. Nicholas Christopher Lea (it's pronounced Lee) was born in New Westminster,
British Columbia, Canada on June 22 1962, so he's 36.  He prefers to be called
Nick, which is how he signs his name, although his agent uses the abbreviation

2. Nick is 6'1" with brown hair and green eyes, although many people insist
they're blue.  As David Duchovny is only 6', it is unknown how he manages to
look taller than Nick in The X Files.  He is the youngest child in his family,
with an older brother and sister.

3. Nick didn't start acting full-time until he was 25, although he apparently
had a role in the 1983 film Star 80.  His early careers included a couple of
years in the Canadian Navy, art school for three years and then working in a
clothing store.

4.  Meeting an acting coach one day at the store, Nick decided to jack in his
job and set off on a new career.  Luckily, this rather rash plan worked out.

5. Nick trained at Beverly Hills Playhouse, Charles Conrad Studios and the
Gastown Actor's Studio.

6.  Nick's Fantasy credits include an episode of Highlander and a couple of
editions of Sliders, although he made a rapid disappearance in the early
moments of his second episode of the latter.

7. Nick's hobbies include golf (which he plays with Mitch "Skinner" Pileggi),
drawing, skiing, cooking, playing guitar and singing.  He was in a band called
Beau Monde for five years.

8. Nick enjoys the more physical aspects of work on The X Files.  Sometimes
things can be tough, such as when David Duchovny actually hit him, but Nick let
the cameras keep rolling.  It was also him hanging 17 stories up in Tunguska,
not a stunt double.

9.  To date, Nick has appeared in 16 episodes of The X Files as Alex Krycek,
and in Season One's Genderbender as Michaell.  It was this role that helped him
win the role of Krycek, for which he was one of only two Canadian actors asked
to audition.  The other was Callum [Due South] Keith Rennie.

10. The latest troubling news for X-Philes is that Nick may be up for a lead in
Chris Carter's next series, Harsh Realm, a show based on the comic books of the
same name.  WIll Krycek be with us much longer?

--Paul Spragg