X-TRO 2: The Second Encounter

[1990, Action/Horror/Science Fiction]

[Nick in X-TRO 2]

Lt. Baines gets ready to fight aliens from another dimension.

From the videotape sleeve:

Deep below the Rocky Mountains lies a top-secret U.S. Defense facility. Here, scientists research the dangerous practice of transporting humans to parallel dimensions. And here something has gone terribly wrong - a scientist has returned from an interdimensional travel experiment mysteriously "infected." Soon, the scientist violently spawns a voraciously hungry alien being, one capable of regenerating itself over and hover through a human "host."

The computers have sealed the "contaminated" facility, effectively trapping its inhabitants with the ultimate human predator. Now it's a fight to the death - and for the future of humanity.

(Nick plays Lt. Baines, part of a military team sent to contain the alien menace.)

"I think [Nicholas Lea] is the best performance in tonight's flick, I really do."

- Joe Bob Briggs, host of TNT's MonsterVision

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