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Nicholas Lea in Andromeda

[Science Fiction, 60 minutes]

Courtesy of Lady Maigrey
Image from "The Torment, the Release," courtesy of Lady Maigrey

Nick has a "semi-recurring" role on Gene Roddenberry's ANDROMEDA, a syndicated science fiction series shot in Vancouver. He plays "Tri-Lorn," one of a triumvirate that's leading a new commonwealth.

Since this is a syndicated series, the day, time, and channel it airs will be different depending on where you live. To find the show, go to TV Guide or Yahoo's TV listings, put in your zip code, and search listings for andromeda.


  Andromeda is now in reruns.

Chronological Listing of Nick's Episodes:

"Waking the Tyrant's Device" (#4.3)

"Soon the Nearing Vortex" (#4.6)

"Machinery of the Mind" (#4.10)

"The Torment, the Release" (#4.11)


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