Krycek - Consortium Agent Again

[Krycek from The End]

It appears that the Consortium, which previously tried to kill CM, now wants him back. They have a problem that requires CM's skill...and ruthlessness. Gibson Praise, a little boy who is the key to the whole conspiracy, must be...taken care of.

So WMM sends Krycek to CM's cabin in the Canadian wilderness. Krycek and a partner parachute in. The hapless partner is quickly dispatched by CM, but not Krycek. Krycek tracks down CM and ambushes him. CM expects to be killed, saying, "Give it your best shot, Alex." But Krycek doesn't shoot, instead saying, "I was sent to bring you back."

Krycek and WMM then take CM to meet with the other members of the Consortium. They explain what they want him to do. Krycek appears to have no say in what goes on. He just watches CM and the others.

We next see Krycek when WMM drives up to confront CM from his car. Krycek is WMM's driver, and again, seems to have no say in what goes on.

CM succeeds in stealing little Gibson Praise from FBI custody, and turns him over to WMM and Krycek. (The boy can read minds; he knows that WMM and CM are liars, who mean to hurt him. He doesn't comment on what he reads in Krycek's mind, though.) As CM walks away, Krycek points out that it would be easy to kill him: "I got a nice, straight shot." WMM replies, "No. Hes useful. And you may need him in the future." It appears that Krycek is more than WMM's errand boy; rather, WMM is Krycek's mentor.

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