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[the many faces of Krycek]

There are a lot of websites out there with Krycek pictures. Therefore, this gallery will be limited to slightly unusual or particularly useful pictures. If there's a Krycek picture you want, but haven't been able to find anywhere, e-mail me, and I'll see what I can do....

Promo Photos:

  Krycek, Skinner, and CM from the TV Guide cover. (The foldout cover was a composite of several photos; this is the one with Krycek.) [190 k]

  Black and white promo photo from "Patient X".


  Our first view of Krycek. Gelled hair, tacky light grey suit, FBI-standard white shirt, red tie.

  Fresh-faced young Agent Krycek.

  Krycek is unhappy about being ditched like a bad date. Full length view of that awful suit, with the dark blue Ford Taurus sedan he must have requisitioned from the Bureau car pool in the background.

  Mulder and Krycek outside the sleep clinic. Good view of both of their clothes, including Mulder's dark grey suit, white shirt, and weird tie (dark red with circular "eye" pattern).

  Krycek holds up his car keys at Mulder.

  Krycek and Mulder discuss Willig's death. It's the next day, and they've changed clothes. Mulder's wearing a light blue shirt, grey suit pants, and another weirdly-patterned red tie. Krycek's got a dark grey suit, white shirt, and striped tie.

  Krycek at the train station. Good view of his new outfit: darker grey suit, FBI-standard white shirt, red and navy striped tie.

  Mulder and Krycek at the train station. They are facing each other, both in profile.

  Closeup of Krycek, looking after an off-screen Mulder.

  Krycek reports to Cancer Man. It's the next day or later, since he's wearing different clothes. Another grey suit and white shirt, but the stripes on his red, navy, and white tie are wider than on the tie he was wearing before. His hair is combed straight back, emphasizing his widow's peak and making him look more sinister.

"Duane Barry":

  Krycek and Mulder at the pool. Krycek appears to be wearing the same tie he wore when reporting to CM in "Sleepless." The suit looks navy here, instead of grey, but the lighting was so dark in the "Sleepless" scene that it may well be the same outfit. (Mulder, of course, is wearing a red Speedo.)

  Krycek and Mulder are briefed by Agent Kazdin. Mulder is now wearing a light grey suit, white shirt, and a dark red, patterned tie similar, but not identical, to the one he wore at first in "Sleepless."

  Krycek takes a break from serving coffee to talk to Scully on the phone. In this shot, you can see his shirt is not plain white; it has a subtle, white-on-white "shadow-stripe" pattern. Maybe Mulder did give him wardrobe advice....

  Krycek and Scully, with Agent Kazdin in the background.


  Krycek casts a concerned look at Mulder. Krycek is wearing a light grey suit and what looks like the same shadow-striped white shirt and striped tie he wore in "Duane Barry." (Mulder, unshaven and disheveled, is wearing the same clothes he will wear for the next four days or so: grey shirt, grey suit, and the red patterned tie he wore in the second half of "Sleepless.")

  Krycek on Skyland Mountain. Weirdly, he's wearing the same shirt and tie he wore that morning, but a different suit - dark blue instead of grey. (It's the same outfit he wore in "Duane Barry.") He apparently slept, shaved, and changed, unlike Mulder - but who changes their suit but not their shirt and tie???

  Krycek with the tram operator, who will shortly regret turning his back on our little Alex.

  Krycek enters the parking garage, to meet with CM. He's changed clothes, wearing a navy suit, white shirt, and blue striped tie.

  Mulder asks to borrow Krycek's car. Mulder is still wearing the same clothes he wore at the beginning of the episode, though Krycek has changed twice since then.


  Krycek lurks behind the shower curtain in Bill Mulder's bathroom. Our first view of him since "Ascension." His hair is longer than it used to be, though it's slicked back. He's wearing a black leather jacket and a dark, faded shirt (no undershirt).

  Mulder about to ambush Krycek. You can see Krycek's shirt is denim in this shot. It doesn't look like the same shirt he was wearing in Mulderdad's bathroom; it looks brighter, newer, and stiffer. He's also wearing blue jeans and the black leather jacket. Mulder's wearing a khaki jacket with dark brown corduroy collar and jeans.

"Blessing Way":

  Krycek looks down at the fallen Missy. Though you can't tell in this shot, it looks like he's wearing a dark green cotton shirt, possibly the same one he wore in Mulderdad's bathroom.

"Paper Clip":

  Krycek in the stairwell, wearing black leather jacket, blue jeans, and a white t-shirt.

  Another look at Krycek in the stairwell.

  Krycek in the car, with Luis Cardinal behind him.

  Profile of Krycek in the car, shortly before it goes boom. Good view of his haircut, which is long in front but pretty short in back.

  Krycek runs from the exploding car.

  The infamous butt shot. (The only reason I include this one is that it offers such a good view of Krycek's...gun holster. Really. At least I think that's what it is. Though it's on the wrong side for a right-hander.)

  Krycek calls CM and gives him notice. (Some nice details of his black leather jacket in this shot.)

"Piper Maru":

  Krycek raises his gun in Kallenchuk's office. This is the first time we've seen him since "Paper Clip," and it looks like life hasn't been treating him well. He's sweaty, unshaven, trembling....poor baby.

  Closeup of the above.

  Promo shot of Krycek in Kallenchuk's office. Nice view of his spiffy Sig Sauer model P220 pistol.

  By popular demand: another Krycek butt shot.

  Mulder thrusting Krycek against the phones.

  Krycek leans against the phone banks and bleeds. Good view of his clothes: black leather jacket, olive green henley-style shirt, black jeans, black leather gloves, brown leather belt. (His gloves don't match his belt. Tsk.)

  A closeup of the above.

  Mulder dragging Krycek toward the restrooms.

  Krycek waiting outside the airport bathroom.

  Krycek walking into the bathroom.

  A private moment.   :-)

  Closeup of Krycek's dangling shoes (for those of you with foot fetishes!).  

  Krycek smashed up against the bathroom wall.  

  Krycek emerges from the men's room, a new man.  


  The Oilien Effect. First black swirls fill the iris....

  Then the entire eye fills with "oil."


  Closeup of Krycek in the warehouse.

  Krycek handcuffed to the railing at the airport. (This one is for Maija, who wanted it because it shows "his full body and those great legs.")

  Closeup of Krycek at the airport.

  Krycek on Skinner's balcony.

  Krycek in Mulder's car.

  Krycek and Mulder spy on the work camp.


  Krycek talks to Dr. Mengele on the loading dock.

  Krycek lights Dr. Mengele's cigarette. (Such a helpful young man. He's probably trying to kill the guy, via lung cancer.)

  A crotch shot. Krycek lying in the back of the truck. (Nice....boots.)

  Krycek unconscious in the back of the truck.

  Krycek awakes, discovering he's been kidnapped by Mulder.

  Krycek decides it's safer to jump off a moving vehicle than to stay onboard with someone who can't drive a stick shift.

  Yet another butt shot, as Krycek prepares to roll off the truck.

  Profile, Krycek in the Siberian forest. (Funny, it looks just like British Columbia!)

  Krycek meets the local peasants.

  Krycek sleeps by the fire, wrapped in a blanket.

"Patient X":

  Krycek finds Dmitri, the only witness to a massacre in Kazakhstan. (Good shot of Krycek's prosthetic hand.)

  Krycek confronts Marita at the scene of the massacre.

  Krycek gives Marita a warning.

  Krycek on the ship.

  "Well...look who's answering the batphone."

  Krycek speaks with WMM on the phone.

  Krycek kisses Marita.

  Krycek discovers Dmitri is gone.

  Caught by WMM.

"The Red and the Black":

  Krycek snarls at WMM.

  Krycek gazes at Mulder, just before he kisses him.

  The Kiss!

"The End":

  Krycek aims his gun.

  Krycek looking at CM.

  Krycek and WMM in the car.

  Another of Krycek and WMM in the car.

"S.R. 819":

  Krycek at the hospital.

  The mysterious bearded man at the power plant.

  The bearded man revealed.

  A couple of great Krycek promo pics from this episode.

"Two Fathers":

  Krycek at the Consortium briefing.

  Another shot of Krycek at the meeting.

  Krycek reacts...

  ...to mention of the "new man at the FBI"...

  Krycek offering sympathy to Jeff Spender.

"One Son":

  Krycek gives another briefing.

  Another of Krycek at the briefing.

  Closeup of above.

  Krycek waits for Spender in the Consortium's NY office.

  Closeup of above.

  Krycek discovers the fetus is gone.

  "It's all going to hell..."


  Krycek shows Barnes the tape.


  Mulder's nameplate in Krycek's hand (the real one)!

  The shattered virus at Krycek's feet.

  Closeup of Krycek.   


(Not really a Krycek episode, but many fan writers have played with the idea that Michael, Nicholas Lea's character in this episode, is Krycek in disguise, or one of his relatives!)

  Michael in the hospital, looking a bit unshaven and scruffy.

  Michael laughs nervously as he confesses his date turned into a man.

  Michael with his eyes closed, looking peaceful for a moment.

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