The Krycek File Library

Last updated February 28, 2000

Krycek, Word For Word:

Missing some episodes, or just too lazy to roll tape? Here, for your research convenience: Text transcripts of the Krycek episodes!    (Last updated February 28, 2000.)

Apocryphal Texts:

Krycek scenes that didn't make the final cut!

  Krycek's final confrontation with Mulder and Skinner in "Ascension"

  Krycek gives his boss a Christmas gift in "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man"

  Krycek meets with CM in "Two Fathers"

A Krycek Concordance:

Came in late, or just not very detail-oriented? This concordance is for you!

The Ratboy Defenderís Handbook

  Whitewashing Krycek: How Alex Is Not Evil, Just Misunderstood, Poor Baby... ;-) (Last updated May 30, 1998.)

 Alternate View - No Regrets: In Defense of an Undefended Krycek

Handwriting Samples

Samples and an analysis of Krycek's handwriting.

Conspiracy 101

Everything, I mean everything you ever wanted to know about The Consortium but were afraid to ask. This is just amazing. Conspiracy 101 by Scott Glancy is full of information that's extremely useful for the fan writer as well as just plain fascinating. I may not agree with all of Scott's ideas, but the work and thought he put into this is truly impressive. Includes a chapter on Krycek! Originally posted to ATXF in 16 parts, this version has been compiled into one document. (About 150 k.) Uploaded with permission from the author. Please e-mail Scott with any comments, not me! (Version 2.5, last revised June 1997.)

If you have a point or point of view that's not represented here, write something and I'll upload it! Send contributions or corrections (or research questions!) to the Bibliotechnician.

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