Krycek Links:

The Lair of the Rat

Lots of great stuff here!

Codyne's Whereabouts Unknown Page

Information about the Krycek APA, as well as original Krycek art, and images from each Krycek episode.

The Consortium - The Shadowy Syndicate

This site has info and pictures of all the X-FILES characters who are or were once members of the Consortium - including Krycek.

Nick Lea Links:

Sister page to this one. All the info that's fit to upload!

Nick Lea's page in the Internet Movie Database

The information is incomplete and some of it is inaccurate, but there are links to video retailers for some of Nick's movies, as well as viewers' ratings of them.

Other Reference Links:

Deep Background

An invaluable resource for the fan writer.

X-Files 101

Everything you wanted to know about THE X-FILES: transcripts, character descriptions, credits, Q&A.

The Alternative Russian Dictionary

Words you won't find in a normal dictionary...including some of the ones Krycek called Mulder in the airport parking lot!

Abandoned Missile Silo Virtual Reality Tour

Great resource if you're writing one of those "how Ratboy got out of the missile silo" stories. And it's just a really cool site!

The Smoking Gun

Formerly confidential documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Some of them are just celebrity dirt, but there are also things like Project Blue Book. See actual photocopies of the Air Force's official denials!

Men In Black - the Magazine

Articles about real-life X-Files: government conspiracies, aliens among us, mysterious creatures, etc.

How To Make An Alien

All about that "alien autopsy" film. Not for the squeamish!


The MSTings Page at Gossamer

X-Files episodes MST3K'ed. There are some hilarious Krycek bits!

Spoof X-FILES Milk Ads

These are hilarious. And yes, there's a Krycek one!

If you're a member of AOL, check out the Nick Lea/Alex Krycek folder on the X-FILES message boards. (Keyword: x files).

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