Krycek and Jeffrey Frank Spender

[Spender & Krycek]

Krycek and Spender are an interesting pair. Surprising, too; they are two characters we never expected to see together. But in "Two Fathers," both are working for CM, and Krycek, on CM's orders or on his own, takes young Jeffrey under his (one remaining) wing.

Jeff Spender is a complete innocent. He doesn't even know about the aliens, let alone his father's involvement with them. Compared to people like Krycek and CM, he's a guppy in the shark tank. Krycek, meanwhile, is stuck in the position of mentoring the boss' son - who stands in the way of his own ambition. During the Consortium briefing scene in "Two Fathers," Krycek looks troubled when CM mentions "our new man at the FBI." Remembering when that was his job, perhaps...or feeling envious of Spender's privileged position in the Consortium. And yet, Krycek is the only one who is kind to Spender.

The first time we see them together, CM has Krycek drive Spender to the Second Elder's house. Spender is to commit his first assassination, of a rebel alien who is impersonating the elder. Krycek pretends he's going to wait in the car, but he doesn't. Instead, he follows Spender into the house, and ends up saving the kid's life when the alien proves too much for him. Spender is stunned to discover that aliens are real. Krycek is sweetly sympathetic, then springs an even greater shock on Spender: his own father, CM, is the one responsible for his mother's abductions. Spender immediately runs out, determined to save his mother. Krycek has succeeded in driving a wedge between father and son.

When the Consortium abandons their New York headquarters, Krycek stays behind to wait for Spender. On the orders of CM? Hoping to thwart CM's plans for Cassandra? Or out of genuine concern for Spender? At any rate, he tells Spender where the others are, and that CM has gone to get Cassandra. Spender predictably runs off to save his mom.

The next time Spender and Krycek meet, it's in the corridors of Fort Marlene. Spender has found Marita Covarribias, Krycek's former lover, who betrayed him. Spender wants to get her out, but they won't allow him to remove a "patient." Not realizing they know each other, Spender begs for Krycek's help. "My father did this to her. She wants to tell her story." Krycek has just realized that "it's all going to hell," and doesn't have time for this. He walks away, leaving them.

It's unclear what Krycek's true feelings about Spender are. Does he feel sorry for Spender? Envy him? Hope to steer him into Bill Mulder's faction of the Consortium, and away from CM's? Just not care, either way? Whether out of genuine sympathy, fear of CM's wrath, or for his own unfathomable reasons, Krycek treats Spender decently. More so than his own mother, who is happier to see Mulder than to see her own son, or his father, who slaps him around and then tries to kill him. And Krycek is the only one who calls Spender "Jeff." Everyone else uses "Jeffrey." Whatever Krycek thinks about Spender, Spender probably thinks of him as a friend.

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