The "Apocrypha" Collector's Card


"You can't bury the truth."

This is the collector's card that came with the "Apocrypha" commercial videotape, released in the U.S. on May 5, 1998. (Looks like it was done by the same artist who did the "Tunguska"/"Terma" card.) That's supposed to be an underground spaceship, I think, with splashes of black oil around it. I guess that's supposed to be Krycek's naked chest, though we never got to see that in the episode! And that's him again, escaping from the "silos" on top. Maybe you can bury the truth, but so far no one's succeeded in burying Krycek. (Those look more like power plant cooling towers than like missile silos, however. Artistic license....)

Detail of Krycek's face.

[tape sleeve]

Check out the videotape sleeve. (Is that Krycek's eye?)

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